Sunday, May 20, 2012

I adore Aubrey Plaza

Who doesn't love Aubrey Plaza? And who doesn't love this dress. No one pulls off morose and taciturn better than Aubrey.

Her character on Parks & Rec is hilarious. She can convey so much with just that look. Even though I don't understand why they had her marry Andy so early on, it still works! Usually I hate it when young people get married but they pull it off. This clip below shows off her character well.

Aubrey also has a cute little film career going. Besides her funny part in Damsels in Distress she now has a film coming out with two of my favorite men: Mark Duplass from The League (and a great writer in his own right) and Jake M. Johnson (Nick on New Girl.) My God, if the hot dude from Grimm was in this film, I'm not sure what I would do.

The film is called Safety Not Guaranteed and is about three magazine employees who decide to find the man who placed an ad seeking a companion for time travel. Sounds crazy right? But actually it seems like it will be a very touching story and with this talented cast it will be great.

Speaking of other good films, Mark Duplass is on a roll as he also has two other films coming out including People Like Us with Chris Pine and Elizabeth Smart as well as My Sister's Sister, which I am particular excited about. in that one Duplass is best friend's with Emily Blunt's character and when his dad dies she lets him go stay in her family's cabin where it turns out her sister Hanna is also staying. Well some people sleep together and it gets a little messy. Oh sisters. Anyway, should be a good summer of films.

But not only is Aubrey hilarious but she also has amazing style (it may help that she weighs 90 lbs.) But I just wanted to highlight some of her best looks.

This dress is just amazing. It combines two of my favorite things: pink and green!

Her Emmy dress was amazing!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

My favorite looks from The Met Ball

The Met Ball happened this week. It is the Oscars of fashion. Frankly, I really won't be happy until I get to attend (it is one of my New York goals.) So I'll just tell you which dresses I liked best.
Miss Zou Bisou Bisou herself, Jessica Pare

Love this on Dianna Agron

Possibly my favorite of the night

Love Tory's dress. Not that crazy about Rashida's or Brooklyn's. 

Solange Knowles in stunning yellow

My favorite couple. And I love her dress! 

Cute Emma Stone

Gwyneth looking short and sweet

A little bit much but she pulls it off. 

Ginnifer Goodwin in bright orange