Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Look At The Fashion Of The O Twins

Oh MK and A. I was obsessed with them when they were on Full House, mostly because I was fascinated by twins and then I was obsessed with them again when they stopped dressing like they were in a teen band and showed their amazing, original and sometimes questionable fashion senses.
It was the spring of 2004. The O twins were graduating from high school and were busy promoting their less-than-great film New York Minute (actually way less than great). They went on a major promotional tour for the film and even hosted Saturday Night Live on the day of their prom. 

They were becoming huge paparazzi targets because of the film release as well as their decision to go to NYU and the fact that Mary-Kate looked horribly skinny. She entered a treatment facility to help with her anorexia that summer but they still managed to both arrive in time to start classes at NYU in September. They were already starting to dress in a kinduv rocker/Golden Girls look but it was at NYU that they really embraced the boho chic look. Well Mary-Kate's look was more boho chic meets homeless bag lady. Two hoodies and a coat? Sure. Tights with holes and converse? Why not!

In college I would often try to dress like them and I remember I got horribly sick with pharyngitis and had to go to the hospital and I was wearing an old gray vintage shirt, giant army pants, flat sandals, five beaded bracelets, two beaded necklaces, giant sunglasses and a scarf around my super long waivy hair. And I thought I looked awesome! Sickly but awesome.

The accessories you mostly need to look like an O twin are 1) a giant Starbucks cup 2) giant sunglasses 3) a really huge bag, preferably either a Balenciaga or a Chanel quilted purse.

I believe they only completed like two semesters at NYU because they realized they had billions of dollars and could make their company do whatever they wanted which is what they have done. The girls have pretty much retired from acting and now only concentrate on fashion lines. They also concentrate on continuing to wear interesting outfits.

Here are some of my faves since 2004:
At their NY Minute premiere they wore these dresses. I love MK's pink shoes with the white lace.

Again loving MK's white lace and green pointy shoes. Also love Ashley's sleek black skirt and top.

Only MK could pull off this week. I love long flowy pink skirts.

They are really young here but I love those pants on MK.

Oh the NYU years (months). Mixing tough leather with sparkles and a grungy sweater and to top it off, cowboy boots.

I love that little black dress and the big earrings. I also love that MK is wearing flats.

Oh how I tried to carry off this look a lot.
So flowy and pretty on both of them.

Love both of these looks.

Glam boho chic.

Black with a pop of color.

I love a this bright colored dress on Ashley (on the right) and I really love that she added a scarf!

Hate the hair but love the dress.

I especially love this dress. This one of my favorite looks ever. It is so Studio 54.

The Transformers 3 Trailer Looks Rather Awesome. I Have A Soft Spot For Giant Alien Robots and Shia Labeouf.

I have grown to like action movies as I have aged but only certain types. Usually they have to involve a giant natural predator that one could encounter in real life like giant squids, snakes, sharks (JAWS is my all time favorite film but that is a whole other post) and dinosaurs (Jurassic Park could happen and I CANNOT wait until it does!) or a bus with a bomb on it and finally some sort of alien invasion that can only be stopped by an unlikely hero namely Shia Labeouf who is one of my imaginary boyfriends. I guess I also like The Fast and the Furious franchise but mainly that is because I like to watch Paul Walker driving and staring. I could live without his talking.

Anyway, I loved the first Transformers. It was funny and fun and there was a chihuahua. I didn't so much care for Megan Fox prancing around. I have always liked the way Michael Bay makes films with his heightened colors (especially women's blue eyes and everyone looks like they just emerged from a tanning bed) and is very loudly patriotic. I mean I loved how he presented the American spirit in Armageddon but I am pretty sure we didn't win Pearl Harbor which is how he seemed to present it.

So Transformers 2 wasn't quite as good and was just super loud and I don't really even remember the plot. But apparently both Shia and Michael admitted that the second one wasn't great and that the third one is supposed to be better. It is going to be totally different because this one takes place in Chicago and  instead of Sam dating a girl that looks like a model/porn star, he is dating a girl that only looks like a model. Seriously trailer makers? You let everyone else have lines in the trailer amidst 800 transformers and buildings being ripped apart and all you let Rosie Huntington Whitley do was pout her lips and stare into the camera? Surely Michael Bay let her say at least a few words in the film.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The L.L.Bean Boat Tote Is One Of The Best Bags Of All Time!

Oh L.L.Bean. When I think of that company images of tents and Maine and barn jackets pop into my head. And the amazing boat tote bag, I believe I have three now. They are such durable and classic bags and make me think I am close to the water even when I am not. I mean don't you just feel more American when you carry one?
I usually go with the medium size with the long handles but I upgraded to the large which is perfect for weekend trips but I get some looks when I bring it work because it could actually fit a small child in it rather comfortably. In the past I have gone with bright colors but this time I opted for black which gives it a more sophisticated aesthetic. The bags look especially nice with boat shoes. 

Here are some other people that like the bag:
Gwyneth and Moses

Courtney Cox

Julia Roberts

Selma Blair

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Am Weirdly Excited About This New Switched At Birth Show On ABC Family

And if anybody can do a show about a hospital mix up, it is ABC Family. When I first heard about the show I thought it sounded completely stupid and I was mad at the channel since they cancelled my beloved GREEK which was the only show on the network that slightly approached reality. I mean that show about the gymnasts is just weird (and not one of those girls could actually be a gymnast) and then at one point I did like Pretty Little Liars but it really got bad this season. I mean how far can a show based on a dead girl who sends creepy texts really go?

Anyway so this show Switched at Birth is of course about two babies switched at birth. Now my argument with this storyline is always how often does this actually really happen and wouldn't parents notice that their child looked nothing like them? Especially in the case of this show in which they are trying to convince us that actress Vanessa Marono is supposed to be Hispanic (she does have really dark hair but very pale skin which they have thrown some self-tanner on. If these looks qualify as Hispanic then I need to start eating more burritos). Okay so here she is this dark brunette to a red-headed mom (Leah Thompson) and light-haired dad. And then that couple's real child of course has the same red hair but her mother is played by Constance Marie who is a legit hispanic person and they look nothing alike so wouldn't you think something was up?

Okay so I thought this was totally stupid and you know there is going to be some ridiculously, stupid way that they figure this out. But then I was watching an extended trailer when I went to go see Your Highness (which is excellent by the way if you are stoned or a 12-year-old boy. Ideally both) and the show the girls figuring this out and meeting their birth parents and then...wait for turns out the red-headed girl is DEAF! I mean total game-changer. Plus the actress they have playing her, Katie Leclerc, is stunning and speaks so well you actually can barely tell she is deaf except. The thing is I love a good sign language scene and I am absolutely fascinated by deaf people. When I was in second grade our teacher showed us the Academy-Award winning film The Miracle Worker starring Patty Duke and I have been obsessed with Helen Keller and that film ever since. If you haven't seen it, stop what you are doing now and go watch it immediately. Both Duke and Anne Bancroft's performances are amazing.

I mean the show still looks pretty stupid but I will probably at least give it a chance because in summer time your choices are reruns or some bridal show where they race to get plastic surgery. Oh wait. That already exists.

Monday, April 25, 2011


I never really cared for necklaces much as a kid. I was much more focused on getting my ears pierced. I was forced to wait until the extremely old age of 11 before I could literally start wearing the tackiest (and heaviest) earrings you have ever seen (apparently I had the taste of drag queens in my tween years) which subsequently led to years of infections and now I can only wear the purest gold or silver (well I think that is mostly because I am super classy).
I swear I had the exact same one in college.

Anyway, I believe it was junior year of college when necklaces suddenly started striking my fancy. I blame the Olsen twins and the cast of The OC for inspiring most of my fashion choices back then and big, giant Wilma Flinstone beads were the thing and I went crazy. I am pretty sure I had one necklace that was a little too reminiscent of S&M beads.

Eventually, thank goodness, giant beads got a little less popular (despite this recent picture of Jessica Simpson) and became more ornate.

As J.Crew and Banana Republic have expanded their jewelry lines in the last few years I have become addicted to their necklaces. Two years ago they did these great big, beautiful bubble necklaces that were kinduv Dances with Wolves meets Henri Bendel. I have two.

Then last year everything got a bit more refined and crystalish mixed in with chains to give it a hard edge.

I also love the Van Cleef & Arpels necklaces that Reese Witherspoon also loved. Sadly I don't own one of these yet but I aspire to. My friends' mother wore a choker version one when she went on a jog and it took all my strength not to yell at her for wearing it while sweating and presenting a list of reasons why I was more qualified to own it.

I suppose my favorite type of necklace is anything big and turquoise but if it is big and makes a statement be it beads, clear or a bib, I will probably at least give it a try. Here are some of my favorite looks:
The statement necklace is a staple for Anna Wintour

She is so sad but I love her necklace.

I love a hge necklace with a flowing shirt.

Olivia Palermo is a huge fan of the bib necklace

Looking very J.Crew here

Beautiful on Eva Mendes

Sortv a chic needle-look on Lucy Hale

The only person who made a gold name necklace not tacky.

So cute and simple on Amanda Peet.

Love this big chain necklace on Jessica. 

Julia can work a big pendant.
Very unique necklace on Reese.