Monday, April 18, 2011

Coachella: Music Festival Or An Excuse For Celebrities To Pretend They Are Dirty Hippies

Kate Bosworth
Penn Badgley
Oh I love Coachella. No I have never been but what I really like is seeing all the celebrities attend and pretend that they are really folksie people that sit outside in fields all day listening to music. I think most of them look at it as an opportunity to wear cool flowy tops with boots and no bras (hello Vanessa Hudgens) to show their softer side. Kate Bosworth, a regular Coachella attendee, looked awesome as usual in various outfits plus having Alexander Skarsgard on your arm doesn't hurt. Nicole Richie and Whitney Port (who may have the longest legs ever) were working the flowy tops and Penn Badgley took this as an opportunity to show off his chest hair. I will say the only actress who didn't look out of place was Isabelle Lucas who usually dresses like she just stepped out of a meadow in 1965.
Isabel Lucas
Nicole Richie
Whitney Port
Ashley Greene
Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson
Brittany Snow

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