Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Look At The Fashion Of The O Twins

Oh MK and A. I was obsessed with them when they were on Full House, mostly because I was fascinated by twins and then I was obsessed with them again when they stopped dressing like they were in a teen band and showed their amazing, original and sometimes questionable fashion senses.
It was the spring of 2004. The O twins were graduating from high school and were busy promoting their less-than-great film New York Minute (actually way less than great). They went on a major promotional tour for the film and even hosted Saturday Night Live on the day of their prom. 

They were becoming huge paparazzi targets because of the film release as well as their decision to go to NYU and the fact that Mary-Kate looked horribly skinny. She entered a treatment facility to help with her anorexia that summer but they still managed to both arrive in time to start classes at NYU in September. They were already starting to dress in a kinduv rocker/Golden Girls look but it was at NYU that they really embraced the boho chic look. Well Mary-Kate's look was more boho chic meets homeless bag lady. Two hoodies and a coat? Sure. Tights with holes and converse? Why not!

In college I would often try to dress like them and I remember I got horribly sick with pharyngitis and had to go to the hospital and I was wearing an old gray vintage shirt, giant army pants, flat sandals, five beaded bracelets, two beaded necklaces, giant sunglasses and a scarf around my super long waivy hair. And I thought I looked awesome! Sickly but awesome.

The accessories you mostly need to look like an O twin are 1) a giant Starbucks cup 2) giant sunglasses 3) a really huge bag, preferably either a Balenciaga or a Chanel quilted purse.

I believe they only completed like two semesters at NYU because they realized they had billions of dollars and could make their company do whatever they wanted which is what they have done. The girls have pretty much retired from acting and now only concentrate on fashion lines. They also concentrate on continuing to wear interesting outfits.

Here are some of my faves since 2004:
At their NY Minute premiere they wore these dresses. I love MK's pink shoes with the white lace.

Again loving MK's white lace and green pointy shoes. Also love Ashley's sleek black skirt and top.

Only MK could pull off this week. I love long flowy pink skirts.

They are really young here but I love those pants on MK.

Oh the NYU years (months). Mixing tough leather with sparkles and a grungy sweater and to top it off, cowboy boots.

I love that little black dress and the big earrings. I also love that MK is wearing flats.

Oh how I tried to carry off this look a lot.
So flowy and pretty on both of them.

Love both of these looks.

Glam boho chic.

Black with a pop of color.

I love a this bright colored dress on Ashley (on the right) and I really love that she added a scarf!

Hate the hair but love the dress.

I especially love this dress. This one of my favorite looks ever. It is so Studio 54.

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