Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011: The Summer of Emma Stone

How much do I love Emma Stone? Really a lot. Since she launched on the scene in a rather small and overshadowed part in Super Bad a few summers ago we have watched her career blossom and now she is a full-blown leading lady. She has a great comedic flair in the style of such amazing women like Gilda Radner but she can also pull off dramatics.  Though she was great in Zombieland and Paper Man (depressing but interesting and available on Netflix) she really made a name for herself with Easy A which is as good as a teen comedy can get and I equate it to other teen classics based on great works of literature such as the amazing 10 Things I Hate About You.

The sassy redhead (now bright blond actually) has not one not two but three films coming out this summer. First up she has Crazy, Stupid Love with an amazing cast including Steve Carrell, Julianne Moore and Kevin Bacon. Oh and did I mention her love interest is played by Ryan Gosling? Not too shabby. She plays a sturdy law student who catches the eye of womanizer/ladies man guru for Carrell who has just ended his marriage to Moore. I put the trailer below.

And then she has a smaller role in the second-most anticipated comedy about friends with benefits after No Strings Attached, appropriately titled Friends With Benefits starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. That one may be a hit or miss considering No Strings Attached only did okay. That may be partly because people, and by people I mean me, had trouble looking at Natalie Portman after the extremely haunting Black Swan. That movie just really altered my whole view of ballet, fingers and birds for me.

And then finally in August the film version of the best-selling book The Help will come out starring Miss Stone as Skeeter, a young woman who decides to take a very bold step in racist 1950's Alabama by writing a book about the black women who work for families and actually raise the children. The film co-stars the amazing Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sissy Spacek, Cicely Tyson, Octavia Spencer and Alison Janney. The book, by Kathryn Stockett (who also wrote the film), is amazing and if you haven't read it there is something wrong with you.

Oh and then we get to see her in another little film called The Amazing Spiderman co-starring my pretend boyfriend Andrew Garfield. I'm sure no one is gonna see that.

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