Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So Let's Talk About GP (Gwyneth Paltrow)

Okay so I have been a little hard on Gwyneth Paltrow lately with all her talk about telling everyone that they can do everything better or more like her. Everything from dressing to doing arial yoga to pooping (Gwyneth just poops better than you.) And then she became People's 'Most Beautiful Person that writes cookbooks and had a recurring role on Glee' of the year which seemed to just be tied directly into the promotion of Iron Man 3 and her new cookbook called "I even look cute when I am working in my garden with no makeup" (otherwise known as "It's All Good") 

But her appearance on Chelsea Lately last night helped her a bit. First of all, she wore an awesome effortless outfit which I will absolutely try to recreate later this week when I feel less like death (I managed to catch the bubonic plague. Again.) And we do have to give her credit for always bringing it fashion wise on her latest press junket. Basically Gwyneth is very easy to hate but she is also pretty easy to love. 

Oh and the GP nickname is from a very memorable of the short-lived but brilliant WB Ryan Murphy vehicle Popular in which there was an entire episode dedicated to being obsessed with GP aka Gwyneth Paltrow. And who here wasn't obsessed with Gwyneth when they were in high school? 

She pulls it off

All business

I love that she wears shorts to like major events

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little Rory Gilmore is all grown up!

It seems like just yesterday I was watching the first season of Gilmore Girls with Lauren Graham and an unknown actress named Alexis Bledel. Actually that was just yesterday because Gilmore Girls is on ABC Family yesterday. I was obsessed with that show mostly because I finally got to see characters who talked as fast I did complete with obscure pop culture references. Plus, the boys were so cute. I started out as a Dean fan but then it all became about Jess. You got to love a bad boy.

Anyway I could talk about my love for Gilmore Girls for hours. I mean so many great lines:

But this is about Alexis Bledel and the fact that she was in this wonderful TV movie the other night called Remember Sunday. It was about a guy with short term memory loss (cutie pie Zachary Levi) who falls in love with a down on her luck girl (yet she still had an awesome apartment, amazing hair and an adorable Urban Outfitters wardrobe.)  It was pretty much the opposite of 50 First Dates minus actual comedy.

Though those pants sisterhood traveling films did well I really think Alexis is better off in television.

Last year we got to see her in a very grownup role on Mad Men where she got as naked as you can get on AMC. She also met her fiance Vincent Kartheiser, who plays the universally loathed Pete Campbell.

I think she should get a cute little comedy on ABC or something. But before that lets look at her style.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Carrie Mulligan Vogue Cover is Blowing My Mind!

In case you haven't heard The Great Gatsby is coming out in May. Yup, it's true. Everyone's favorite book that they read in high school (or at least read the SparkNotes in close detail) is coming to the big screen with the Baz Luhrmann touch. Now I do believe there are only two kinds of people in this world: People who liked Moulin Rouge and people who didn't. But this film does look amazing. I mean it's Dicaprio and Mulligan. Two of the greatest actors of our generation. Plus Tobey Maguire whose, you know, alright. And Isla Fischer and that new guy that is in everything.

But back to my deal with Luhrmann. Is he an amazing filmmaker? Absolutely. Do I feel like I am on drugs when I watch his films? Yes. And that is what I don't love about his movies. But Gatsby looks like an a work of art and though I don't love his adaptation of Romeo and Juliet I will say it was one of the most influential films in my adolescence (I think it saw three times in the theater.) People loved Moulin Rouge but I couldn't handle it. Australia was ridiculous though.  It was like The Wizard of Oz meets Out of Africa plus aborigines. It's just not a needed combination.

And the fashion in all of these films is incredible and Gatsby may take home the big prize. The costumes are incredible. The Vogue cover is a tribute to that and I am obsessed with that shade of green . It is just the best. In other words I will absolutely being seeing the film.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coachella: Music Festival or Just an Excuse to Wear Feather Headdresses and Prairie Underwear?

Once again Coachella is here or as I like to call it, Vanessa Hudgens' weekend of wearing offensive Native American fashion. However this year she seems to embracing the flower child/prairie underwear look. Seriously what is happening in that picture?

The usual culprits have already showed up in full force with their jean shorts and booties. Emma Roberts hasn't gotten too crazy this year. She is letting Vanessa just take that whole thing on. Let's take a look at some of the fashion so far.
Oh the crop tops.

Do not see Spring Breakers. 

Well, she can pull off anything

This is what she wanted to wear to the Oscars

Another crop top but she is still cute

Ireland Baldwin

Yup. Tallulah Willis is actually just wearing a bathing suit. This is making those crop tops look pretty good. 

We actually did need him to remind us. 

Apparently it was cold so this was her response. 

Of course, because you need to wear a scarf with the crop top. That makes it logical. 

She looks cute and too classy for Coachella. 

Another lace ensemble