Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coachella: Music Festival or Just an Excuse to Wear Feather Headdresses and Prairie Underwear?

Once again Coachella is here or as I like to call it, Vanessa Hudgens' weekend of wearing offensive Native American fashion. However this year she seems to embracing the flower child/prairie underwear look. Seriously what is happening in that picture?

The usual culprits have already showed up in full force with their jean shorts and booties. Emma Roberts hasn't gotten too crazy this year. She is letting Vanessa just take that whole thing on. Let's take a look at some of the fashion so far.
Oh the crop tops.

Do not see Spring Breakers. 

Well, she can pull off anything

This is what she wanted to wear to the Oscars

Another crop top but she is still cute

Ireland Baldwin

Yup. Tallulah Willis is actually just wearing a bathing suit. This is making those crop tops look pretty good. 

We actually did need him to remind us. 

Apparently it was cold so this was her response. 

Of course, because you need to wear a scarf with the crop top. That makes it logical. 

She looks cute and too classy for Coachella. 

Another lace ensemble

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