Saturday, April 6, 2013

So I'm really into leather right now...

Well, really leather accents and leather pants. I wish I could pull off a leather dress like Keri Russell but it just doesn't seem feasible right now.

But yes I love that the hints of leather trend is so big right now. And I also love that leather pants are kind of acceptable as everyday pants now. There was a great line on the sadly canceled but brilliant show, Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23, where the naive and square June thanked her crazy roommate Chloe for encouraging her to be crazy and party more. June said it was so exciting to wear leather pants and not be dressed up as Sandy in Grease for Halloween (though I kind of still do feel like Sandy in Grease everytime I wear mine)!

But don't you just feel a little bad ass every time you wear leather?

Love the leather and tweed

Of course Olivia rocks the trend

When did Julianne Hough start dressing so well? 
And the leather pants parade:

No one pulls off leather like Gwynnie

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