Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little Rory Gilmore is all grown up!

It seems like just yesterday I was watching the first season of Gilmore Girls with Lauren Graham and an unknown actress named Alexis Bledel. Actually that was just yesterday because Gilmore Girls is on ABC Family yesterday. I was obsessed with that show mostly because I finally got to see characters who talked as fast I did complete with obscure pop culture references. Plus, the boys were so cute. I started out as a Dean fan but then it all became about Jess. You got to love a bad boy.

Anyway I could talk about my love for Gilmore Girls for hours. I mean so many great lines:

But this is about Alexis Bledel and the fact that she was in this wonderful TV movie the other night called Remember Sunday. It was about a guy with short term memory loss (cutie pie Zachary Levi) who falls in love with a down on her luck girl (yet she still had an awesome apartment, amazing hair and an adorable Urban Outfitters wardrobe.)  It was pretty much the opposite of 50 First Dates minus actual comedy.

Though those pants sisterhood traveling films did well I really think Alexis is better off in television.

Last year we got to see her in a very grownup role on Mad Men where she got as naked as you can get on AMC. She also met her fiance Vincent Kartheiser, who plays the universally loathed Pete Campbell.

I think she should get a cute little comedy on ABC or something. But before that lets look at her style.


  1. i LOVE gilmore girls! i watch reruns all the time.

  2. Good news! Alexis is staring in a comedy this fall with Jason Ritter!