Saturday, March 24, 2012

Elle MacPherson has amazing style

Now we have another reason to envy Elle Macpherson. Her sense of style is amazing. Elle may actually be my favorite supermodel plus she actually made me laugh when she did her guest stint on Friends years ago. Kate Moss is cute and all but I don't think she'd be able to do that. And she is good enough to make the new Fashion Star a somewhat interesting show. Now, of course, Elle can wear anything (by the way, she is 47!) and make even the simplest outfits look awesome but frankly I just love how simple her style is. It's preppy meets athletic meets hot leather pants. She loves a good turtleneck sweater, capri pants and ballet flats. And she is one of the only people who makes me wish I could pull of the cowboy hat look. 

Here are some of my favorite Elle looks:


Casual chic

Love a little leather in the morning

Turtleneck sweater, cropped pants and leopard flats. Perfection.

Funky and fun

Elle really loves her leather


Normally I would not care for these but she makes it work!

Retro! Love it!

On her, fur works

She even made leggings and a puffy vest look chic!


Love a little leopard accessory

Pink! And love the boots!

Oh if only we could all pull of red leather capri pants while dropping our kid off at school

Adorable and eco-friendly


So classy
A little bit of sparkle never hurt anyone

Classic Elle

Monday, March 19, 2012

Are you feeling this peplum trend?

There is always a trend every season that most people are baffled by while at the same time intrigued. Former looks that have made it into this category include gaucho pants, rompers, parachute pants, gladiator sandals, etc., With all of these trends there have been times where I have absolutely hated all of them. Like hate them so much I wrote Facebook status messages about my annoyances (summer of 2011 and the romper created a lot of good fodder. I mean toddlers wear those!) But then usually I end up at least trying the trend and occasionally becoming obsessed with it.

gladiator sandals

parachute pants

So this year's fashion conundrum is the peplum look. This style explode in the 19th century along with bustles, full skirts, lace and fabric. The purpose of the look was to accentuate a woman's curves in a less painful way than the corset.  Of course, in the 1800s curves were appreciated a bit more than they are today. So if you have a tiny waist and small hips than this look will be awesome for you! 

When I see this look I think of Little Women and Alexa Harrington on Dynasty. It's like the designer of this look was like how can we make a skirt dressier? Let's add another mini skirt! I haven't rocked it quite yet but I'm looking for the best way to do it. Here are some of my favorite looks:
Perfect Emma

Dianna Agron

Ashley Greene

Emma Watson

Blake Lively

Solange Knowles

Michelle Williams at The Oscars

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why Whit Stillman is the Real Gossip Girl

Art work from Whit Stillman's film Metropolitan
In case you aren't familiar with filmmaker Whit Stillman, I'll catch you up. Though I still am not fully educated in the works of J. Whitney "Whit" Stillman, the best way to describe him is 40% Woody Allen 31% Wes Anderson and 16.2% Gossip Girl.
Whit Stillman

Basically he likes to write about preppy, upper class white kids. He makes fun of them while at the same time compliments their language, style and basic way of living by showing it in this fascinating way. And who better to do this then a Harvard grad and native New Yorker.
Gossip Girl

Seriously, before "Hey Upper East Siders" there was the "urban haute bourgeoise" or UHB, a term coined by one of the characters in his 1990 film Metropolitan. He financed the film himself (and with some help from his mom and a few friends. It is about Princetonian Tom Townsend's introduction to the "Sally Fowler Rat Pack," a group of preppy Upper East Siders making the cotillion rounds on their winter break. So pretty much Gossip Girl but with actual clever dialogue. The film earned him an Academy Award nomination but it was his 1994 film Barcelona that solidified his career. Then came The Last Days of Disco which was also a highly regarded hit. It makes multiple references to his first two films. I can't do them justice in description so watch the trailers and you will get an idea. As Town & Country writer Hudson Morgan wrote, "All his movies go deep on love, life and breeding but each them does it in what you might call perfect iambic preptameter."

And now after a 14 year break he is finally back with Damsels in Distress. This one is a bit more whimsical  than the others but the "preptameter" looks to be in full force. The cast is excellent (they are on the cover of Town & Country this month) and includes Greta Gurwig (the Queen of Mumblecore), Aubrey Plaza, Analeigh Tipton (America's Next Top Model, Crazy, Stupid, Love), Megalyn Echikunwoke (90210) and Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Rec.) But don't worry there are a few boys in there too like Adam Brody and The Office's Zach Woods. It looks like quite a romp (with dance numbers and all.) I can't wait to see it. It comes out in April.
The damsels

Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh Lindsay Lohan! Where did our little Mean Girl Go?

She went LaLohan. I remember going to see The Parent Trap and just thinking that I wanted to live in a Nancy Meyers movie (it is porn for women) and what a charming little girl this Lindsay Lohan was. Who could have guessed then she would become a sweaty, puffy coke whore. But unfortunately the worst of Hollywood along with the worst parents led to the downfall of Lindsay Lohan. If she had stayed on the straight and narrow (and I mean just not being a drug addict and breaking the law every other month) I'd imagine she'd have a career like Emma Stone, who has already reached the A level in just a few short years. We all know the story and though she hosted SNL this week I do not know if this will be the beginning of the great comeback for Lindsay but I hope it is. That Real Housewives of Disney was pretty amazing.
OMG they are all 12. 

After all, Mean Girls is a masterpiece so if she can find another one of those, she'll be fine. Here are some of my favorite Lindsay Lohan looks over the years before she got those hideous cheek fillers. She can't even move her mouth anymore.
So young and gorgeous in pink.

So put together.

Gorgeous rich green.

Oh the photo that was the beginning of the downfall. The skinny minny race was officially on. 
So skinny.

Too skinny but I adore this Chanel dress.
She's always had the cutest bikinis

Rockin' it.

With her partner in crime Nicole Richie

It may be Halloween but wharves.
Love it

Rockin' the 80's look

Oh the Samantha years. I do love a green sparkly dress.
It's not really a dress but I love it!

Hate the lips but love the dress.