Monday, March 19, 2012

Are you feeling this peplum trend?

There is always a trend every season that most people are baffled by while at the same time intrigued. Former looks that have made it into this category include gaucho pants, rompers, parachute pants, gladiator sandals, etc., With all of these trends there have been times where I have absolutely hated all of them. Like hate them so much I wrote Facebook status messages about my annoyances (summer of 2011 and the romper created a lot of good fodder. I mean toddlers wear those!) But then usually I end up at least trying the trend and occasionally becoming obsessed with it.

gladiator sandals

parachute pants

So this year's fashion conundrum is the peplum look. This style explode in the 19th century along with bustles, full skirts, lace and fabric. The purpose of the look was to accentuate a woman's curves in a less painful way than the corset.  Of course, in the 1800s curves were appreciated a bit more than they are today. So if you have a tiny waist and small hips than this look will be awesome for you! 

When I see this look I think of Little Women and Alexa Harrington on Dynasty. It's like the designer of this look was like how can we make a skirt dressier? Let's add another mini skirt! I haven't rocked it quite yet but I'm looking for the best way to do it. Here are some of my favorite looks:
Perfect Emma

Dianna Agron

Ashley Greene

Emma Watson

Blake Lively

Solange Knowles

Michelle Williams at The Oscars

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