Saturday, March 24, 2012

Elle MacPherson has amazing style

Now we have another reason to envy Elle Macpherson. Her sense of style is amazing. Elle may actually be my favorite supermodel plus she actually made me laugh when she did her guest stint on Friends years ago. Kate Moss is cute and all but I don't think she'd be able to do that. And she is good enough to make the new Fashion Star a somewhat interesting show. Now, of course, Elle can wear anything (by the way, she is 47!) and make even the simplest outfits look awesome but frankly I just love how simple her style is. It's preppy meets athletic meets hot leather pants. She loves a good turtleneck sweater, capri pants and ballet flats. And she is one of the only people who makes me wish I could pull of the cowboy hat look. 

Here are some of my favorite Elle looks:


Casual chic

Love a little leather in the morning

Turtleneck sweater, cropped pants and leopard flats. Perfection.

Funky and fun

Elle really loves her leather


Normally I would not care for these but she makes it work!

Retro! Love it!

On her, fur works

She even made leggings and a puffy vest look chic!


Love a little leopard accessory

Pink! And love the boots!

Oh if only we could all pull of red leather capri pants while dropping our kid off at school

Adorable and eco-friendly


So classy
A little bit of sparkle never hurt anyone

Classic Elle

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