Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh Lindsay Lohan! Where did our little Mean Girl Go?

She went LaLohan. I remember going to see The Parent Trap and just thinking that I wanted to live in a Nancy Meyers movie (it is porn for women) and what a charming little girl this Lindsay Lohan was. Who could have guessed then she would become a sweaty, puffy coke whore. But unfortunately the worst of Hollywood along with the worst parents led to the downfall of Lindsay Lohan. If she had stayed on the straight and narrow (and I mean just not being a drug addict and breaking the law every other month) I'd imagine she'd have a career like Emma Stone, who has already reached the A level in just a few short years. We all know the story and though she hosted SNL this week I do not know if this will be the beginning of the great comeback for Lindsay but I hope it is. That Real Housewives of Disney was pretty amazing.
OMG they are all 12. 

After all, Mean Girls is a masterpiece so if she can find another one of those, she'll be fine. Here are some of my favorite Lindsay Lohan looks over the years before she got those hideous cheek fillers. She can't even move her mouth anymore.
So young and gorgeous in pink.

So put together.

Gorgeous rich green.

Oh the photo that was the beginning of the downfall. The skinny minny race was officially on. 
So skinny.

Too skinny but I adore this Chanel dress.
She's always had the cutest bikinis

Rockin' it.

With her partner in crime Nicole Richie

It may be Halloween but wharves.
Love it

Rockin' the 80's look

Oh the Samantha years. I do love a green sparkly dress.
It's not really a dress but I love it!

Hate the lips but love the dress.

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