Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Awesome Style of Rashida Jones

Actress, director and writer Rashida Jones has really unique style and I think it should be celebrated. Jones, daughter of the legendary Quincy Jones and the iconic Peggy Lipton, has been acting for years (after graduating from Harvard).

She was on Freaks & Geeks a few times, she had a recurring role on Boston Public but it wasn't until The Office that she became a household name. Now, of course, I hated her because she came in between Jim and Pam but at the same time she was so cool it was hard to hate her (plus anyone that dates John Krasinski in real life has got to be awesome).

She is one of the more boring characters on Parks & Rec but she actually got funnier over the seasons but it was when she wrote and starred in Celeste & Jesse Forever that I became obsessed with her (her character's style in the film is also awesome). That film was amazing and if you haven't seen it fix that now.

But now let's get to why I love her style.

Oh the Celine bag


Glasses chic

Rockin' the pajamas

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Trailer for Austenland is Here!! Permission to Freak Out Now!

I have been writing about this movie for months and now the trailer is finally here for Austenland. For Jane Austen fanatics, this is the mothership calling you home because this film is really about you. Well a really hyped up exaggerated version of you played by the beautiful and talented Keri Russell (though even she was having trouble pulling off that hairdo.)

It is based on the book by Shannon Hale

Basically she plays a woman obsessed with all things Jane Austen (the romance, the sheep in the meadows, Colin Firth) and that is pretty much all she has going for. She goes to a camp for adults basically where you pretend to be a character in an Austen novel and live like they did then. And then in classic romantic comedy style, her life actually does become like a Jane Austen novel as she is determined to walk away engaged.

The cast includes Jennifer Coolidge (always a hoot) Bret McKenzie (one half of the amazing Flight of the Conchords and Oscar winning writer for The Muppets), Jane Seymour, JJ Field and many other funny people. It is going to be adorable and funny and I am super excited! Plus the last time Keri did a small independent film in the summer was the movie Waitress and that was a hit so she has that going for her (I am still trying to block out August Rush from my memory, however.)

Monday, July 8, 2013

The 90's Are Back! At Least, Fashion Wise...

Am I the only one that has noticed that the fashion trends right now are all about bringing back the 90s. Crop tops, motorcycle boots, maxi skirts and dresses, jean jackets and vests and hats are all the rage right now. I for one am thrilled all this is back. I was a little too young in the actual 90s to embrace these looks. When they were big I was still shopping at Gap Kids (of course I was buying overalls and those are all the rage as well!)

But I do find this fascinating as all these great outfits remind me of those classic 90s shows and movies that displayed all these fashions at their best. I think the one that sticks out the most to me is Reality Bites. Oh I just wanted to be Winona Ryder in that movie so badly. Loved her pants and blouses but I think most of all I loved those incredibly soft t-shirts she wore. Soft tees were so 90s.

Oh my gosh and that haircut? Adorable. Winona Ryder was the ittest of the it girls. Here are some more great 90s fashion moments.

OMG those jeans. 

The very obscure California Dreams. Whatever happened to these people? Look at that crop top. 

Oh the brilliant My So-Called Life. Flowers and flannels. That was the 90s. 

The Craft! I just loved this musical montage. Remember those necklaces with the crosses and the tiny white sweaters? Ahhh! 

                                                                            God that was a good movie. 

OMG Singles. The 90s were so great. You could wear a flannel with anything. Even a polka dot skirt. 

If you haven't seen it, watch it now. 

With Honors. Oh that haircut and the jean vest. 

And the Mothership. 

And now on to the people trying to recreate these looks. Seriously though Miranda Kerr looks like she is auditioning for The Real World 1996. She is one sunflower hat away from Blossom territory. 
Miranda Kerr

Jamie Chung

Rachel Bilson