Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Awesome Style of Rashida Jones

Actress, director and writer Rashida Jones has really unique style and I think it should be celebrated. Jones, daughter of the legendary Quincy Jones and the iconic Peggy Lipton, has been acting for years (after graduating from Harvard).

She was on Freaks & Geeks a few times, she had a recurring role on Boston Public but it wasn't until The Office that she became a household name. Now, of course, I hated her because she came in between Jim and Pam but at the same time she was so cool it was hard to hate her (plus anyone that dates John Krasinski in real life has got to be awesome).

She is one of the more boring characters on Parks & Rec but she actually got funnier over the seasons but it was when she wrote and starred in Celeste & Jesse Forever that I became obsessed with her (her character's style in the film is also awesome). That film was amazing and if you haven't seen it fix that now.

But now let's get to why I love her style.

Oh the Celine bag


Glasses chic

Rockin' the pajamas

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