Monday, May 30, 2011

Moccasins and Boat Shoes

These are two very important shoe types and here is why. The moccasins got really popular when the whole leggings look got cool around 2007. Moccasins were on the most popular shoe pairings for what to wear with your leggings. They came somewhere after Uggs and ballet flats but before Converse sneakers. Did we all want to feel like we were a part of Last of the Mohicans? I don't know. But I do know that moccasins are just such amazingly comfortable shoes. I stupidly used to run around New York City in a pair of mocs that were literally slippers but I didn't even care. I probably won't be able to walk by the time I am 40 but it was totally worth it. Plus come Halloween you throw a feather on your head and where some black leggings with your mocs and you are set. Of course, eventually moccasins then evolved into the moccasin booties which were very popular with the celeb folks. 

So now for the boat shoes. I myself have been behind the times with these shoes. Sperry's have always been a staple of the preppy wardrobe but this spring they have a full-force comeback. They are The TOMS of 2011. Everyone and their mother is sporting them in all different kinds of color including pink, gold and silver. Most people are pairing them with skinny jeans or shorts. Blake Lively appears to be a big fan. 

Rachel Bilson is getting a new show! Love her!

Rachel Bilson will be returning to TV this fall which I actually think is the best fit for her. As good as Jumper and One Last Kiss were, nothing comes close to Rachel's performance as Summer on the amazing O.C. So now her good friend Josh Schwartz, creator of The O.C. and Gossip Girl, has written a show for Ms.Bilson in which she plays a young, driven doctor (interesting choice for Rachel but let's go with it) who doesn't get into her chosen fellowship in New York City (and gets dumped) so she decides to take a job in (gasp!) the South. Alabama to be specific. It is there that she of course thinks she has entered a parallel universe because people are still polite to eachother and women have names like Clementine. Of course, the culture clashes present lots of fodder for comedy and in the promo we see she already has a potential love interest (cutie patootie Scott Porter of Friday Night Lights.) The show is called Hart of Dixie and the promo is below. Besides Hart we also get to see her in the film L!fe Happens with Kate Bosworth this fall. 
Hart of Dixie cast

Rachel has always been one of my favorite fashionistas. She has impeccable taste and I am not the only one who thinks this. InStyle gave her a column in which she answers readers fashion questions. Now of course I could not pull off a lot of her looks because she is literally the tiniest person ever but most of her casual looks are not too hard to replicate. I would describe her style as California hobo chic. She loves her jeans, booties and jackets and is also a big fan of Chanel. Here are some of my favorite Rayray looks:
During her Adam Brody years. Love this top.

Very lady-like and modern


Simple with a scarf

Rockin' the red pants

Retro and cute.

Love the scarf and ponytail

Great color pairing

Again with the booties and scarf and a Chanel bag

Wide leg jeans


Pretty blue skirt is made edgy with the hat

Yeah Hunters and scarf

The hair is a little Jersey shore but great dress especially if you are a size negative 2

Love the colors

I love these boots

Hat with bikini look

Beautiful pattern

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why JAWS is my favorite film of all time

It is Memorial Day weekend which is officially the kick off of summer. The beginning of summer always reminds me of my favorite film JAWS. Mostly because there is nothing that screams summer more than people at the beach getting eaten by sharks. I have been obsessed with this movie since I first saw it during the summer I was 8-years-old. Even though I closed my eyes for half the film there is something about predators that exist in the real world that I find absolutely amazing. Plus the fact that JAWS was filmed in Martha's Vineyard, which is where I watched it the first time and where I go every summer, that makes it more special. Sometimes I really think I could live in a small beach town all year round. There is something so special about seeing and hearing the water when you wake up in the morning. I also find that movies filmed in the 70's just seem so much more real because they are filmed in this gritty style and just seemed less manufactured. 

I suppose my favorite character from the film would have to be Chief Brody. Chief Brody could be described as a quieter version of Woody Allen who moves to a beach town. He has the neurosis of a New Yorker but with a slightly cooler exterior. You also have to love Richard Dreyfuss as , the plucky young oceanographer who loves sharks. And then there is Shaw. Every adventure needs a crazy. old drunk bafoon and he is ours. When he gives the speech with the eerie music in the background (I wish my scary stories had a perfectly appropriate score in the background) you are literally scared for your life and wonder why we ever thought swimming in the ocean was a good idea. Speaking of the score what would that film be like without John Williams' amazing soundtrack. In two notes he created the most terrifying vilain of all time. 

The movie made me love sharks, sea towns and white pants in the summer like the pair Lorraine Bracco sports as she runs away from the dock. If you have never seen it then you are missing out. JAWS was the first true summer blockbuster and it changed the way we thought about films. If you get the DVD I suggest watching some of the documentaries about the challenges surrounding the shoot. It is great to see young Steven Speilberg in action. 

Here are some of the best quotes from JAWS that I think teach lessons as well:

Mayor Vaughn: Martin, it's all psychological. You yell barracuda, everybody says, "Huh? What?" You yell shark, we've got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July. 
Christine 'Chrissie' Watkins: Come on into the water! 
Hooper: This was no boat accident. 
Brody: You're going to need a bigger boat

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am so excited for Zooey Deschanel's new show on Fox

That is right. Zooey Deschanel is moving to television in a new comedy for Fox. This sounds weird but the trailer is actually hilarious. It was like Zooey was meant to do television. This character, Jessica Day, totally makes up for the bitch she played in 500 Days of Summer (ugh that was so heartbreaking. Who would not fall in love with Joseph Gordon-Lovitt? He dances, he sings, he can do a backflip on live television!) and those annoying Hanes commercials she keeps doing where she plays the piano and twirls around while wearing polka dots.

So the plot centers around Jessica who we know is quirky and cute because she wears fun glasses and sings to herself all the time. Well she comes home in the middle of the day to surprise her boyfriend and do some sort of funny naked seduction dance with couch pillows when it turns out her boyfriend is not alone. This leads to her having to find a new place to live. She interviews with three male roommates (who of course have an awesome giant loft apartment. Where are these ridiculously huge loft apartments that all these struggling artists can afford? Definitely not in New York) who for some reason decide to let her live with them even though she admitted she is crazy vulnerable. It may be because she said all her friends all her models.

Anyway, as you can imagine hilarity ensues as the guys try to bring her out of her slump. All I can say is the song I've Had The Time of My Life is involved and it is awesome. Now they will have to make some changes when it premieres this fall since Damon Wayans Jr. who is in the pilot is on my new favorite show Happy Endings which just got picked up.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sometimes I Just Really Want To Be Kate Bosworth

I know it's wrong because she is skinny to a point of worry but she just looks so damn cool all the time. Yes she hasn't really had a hit film since 21 but gosh darn't, she has impeccable style.

Kate brushed on to the scene on a wonderful but incredibly stupid show called Young Americans. It was a spin-off of Dawson's Creek and it had some of the dumbest plotlines ever (they had a girl pretending to be a boy and people were expected to believe that the characters actually bought it). It was quickly cancelled and then Kate had a few small roles in the occasional film. She got her big break when she nabbed the lead in the fun surfer flick Blue Crush. It also had a weak plot but it was all about girl power and girls wearing cool board shorts instead of just regular bikinis.
Kate in Blue Crush
Very skinny Kate

That was back when Kate was a rather muscular and healthy looking chick. But then she decided to stop eating. And then she dated Orlando Bloom for a while and now she is with Alexander Skarrsgard. Of her films in the last few years I have really only liked 21 and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! I thought she was completely miscast in the Superman reboot. I will say though I am excited about her new film which was called BFF & Baby and has now been titled as L!fe Happens (yes I meant to put that exclamation point). It is about two best friends and then one gets pregnant. I guess Shit Happens was already taken as a title? It co-stars Rachel Bilson and the hilarious Krysten Ritter. I don't think of Kate as much as a comedian but there is a first time for everything.
Kate filming L!fe Happens

Here are some of my favorite Kate looks.
Love the loose pants or as she just calls them, pants

In blue during Fashion Week

Gorgeous in Chanel

Rockin' the jean shorts

With bf Alexander

Cool pants, cool shades

Cute in blue

Always a regular at Coachella

Love this dress

So retro

Love the shorter hair and dress. the neck bones are a little much.

Classic black

Beautiful blue

Rockin' the red pants

Cute in pink
Only Kate could pull off this look. Amish chic.

I try to go for this look everyday.