Monday, May 30, 2011

Rachel Bilson is getting a new show! Love her!

Rachel Bilson will be returning to TV this fall which I actually think is the best fit for her. As good as Jumper and One Last Kiss were, nothing comes close to Rachel's performance as Summer on the amazing O.C. So now her good friend Josh Schwartz, creator of The O.C. and Gossip Girl, has written a show for Ms.Bilson in which she plays a young, driven doctor (interesting choice for Rachel but let's go with it) who doesn't get into her chosen fellowship in New York City (and gets dumped) so she decides to take a job in (gasp!) the South. Alabama to be specific. It is there that she of course thinks she has entered a parallel universe because people are still polite to eachother and women have names like Clementine. Of course, the culture clashes present lots of fodder for comedy and in the promo we see she already has a potential love interest (cutie patootie Scott Porter of Friday Night Lights.) The show is called Hart of Dixie and the promo is below. Besides Hart we also get to see her in the film L!fe Happens with Kate Bosworth this fall. 
Hart of Dixie cast

Rachel has always been one of my favorite fashionistas. She has impeccable taste and I am not the only one who thinks this. InStyle gave her a column in which she answers readers fashion questions. Now of course I could not pull off a lot of her looks because she is literally the tiniest person ever but most of her casual looks are not too hard to replicate. I would describe her style as California hobo chic. She loves her jeans, booties and jackets and is also a big fan of Chanel. Here are some of my favorite Rayray looks:
During her Adam Brody years. Love this top.

Very lady-like and modern


Simple with a scarf

Rockin' the red pants

Retro and cute.

Love the scarf and ponytail

Great color pairing

Again with the booties and scarf and a Chanel bag

Wide leg jeans


Pretty blue skirt is made edgy with the hat

Yeah Hunters and scarf

The hair is a little Jersey shore but great dress especially if you are a size negative 2

Love the colors

I love these boots

Hat with bikini look

Beautiful pattern

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