Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OMFG The Muppets Have a New Movie Coming Out!

And Jason Segal wrote it and is starring in it. I have been waiting for this trailer to come out ever since I heard the words "new muppet movie" like two years ago.

I have been a fan of the muppets since I can remember. I remember in second grade I wrote one of my first book reports on a biography of Jim Henson (because I was that cool). Of course, as a kid I loved the old school muppets especially The Muppets Take Manhattan. I was obsessed with that scene where Miss Piggy does her make-up with that crazy lady who I later learned was Joan Rivers. I love that as kids you have no idea who all these cool famous people are because the muppets are just so much more awesome.

Then of course we all watched Muppet Babies for a few years.  Then the Muppets made a big come back with The Muppet Christmas Carol which I must say is one of the best versions of A Christmas Carol I have ever seen. I am pretty sure this was how Charles Dickens envisioned it. Then there was a slew of other Muppet films which I was a little too old for but I kept them in my heart. I even have a Kermit the Frog stuffed animal which my dog then chewed on so now it is Kermit with a lazy eye which is a little creepy but I still love him.

They tried to big back The Muppets TV show in the late 90's (the Muppets got their big start on their television show) but it just didn't catch on. It seemed as if we would just have to settle for the occasional Kermit the Frog cameo but then something magical happened. Jason Segal showed that he was obsessed with puppets and could make them not creepy in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall and voila! He was entrusted with the muppets franchise.

And now the film is coming to us this fall. The film stars the whole muppets gang, plus Amy Adams and Jason. There are also expected to be cameos by Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Selena Gomez, Jack Black, Rashida Jones, Danny Glover, Katy Perry and Eric Stonestreet. Watch the trailer below!

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