Monday, May 16, 2011

The Balenciaga Bag

Oh my love affair with the Balenciaga bag has been going on for years. My friend Ashleigh and I became rather obsessed with it when we went through our die-hard Nicole Richie phase towards the end of college. Pretty much anything Nicole Richie wore was amazing. I mean she essentially invented the skinny jeans, flats and giant sunglasses combo. But what was great about her was she made it look neat and presentable unlike the Olsen twins who rocked similar looks but were often mistaken for homeless bag ladies. 

Anyway in 2006 the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag became the "it" bag. Every celebrity had one. Nicole Richie had thirteen in every color and in all different sizes. Over the years they have evolved a bit with different hardware but for the most part they have retained that signature look. With a price of at least $6000 I haven't gotten one yet but it is on my aspiration list. I won't say I haven't purchased some pretty good knock-offs over the year but nothing will ever come close. I would probably start with the light green medium-sized classic one that Mary-Kate sported for many years.

These people also like the Balenciaga:

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