Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am so excited for Zooey Deschanel's new show on Fox

That is right. Zooey Deschanel is moving to television in a new comedy for Fox. This sounds weird but the trailer is actually hilarious. It was like Zooey was meant to do television. This character, Jessica Day, totally makes up for the bitch she played in 500 Days of Summer (ugh that was so heartbreaking. Who would not fall in love with Joseph Gordon-Lovitt? He dances, he sings, he can do a backflip on live television!) and those annoying Hanes commercials she keeps doing where she plays the piano and twirls around while wearing polka dots.

So the plot centers around Jessica who we know is quirky and cute because she wears fun glasses and sings to herself all the time. Well she comes home in the middle of the day to surprise her boyfriend and do some sort of funny naked seduction dance with couch pillows when it turns out her boyfriend is not alone. This leads to her having to find a new place to live. She interviews with three male roommates (who of course have an awesome giant loft apartment. Where are these ridiculously huge loft apartments that all these struggling artists can afford? Definitely not in New York) who for some reason decide to let her live with them even though she admitted she is crazy vulnerable. It may be because she said all her friends all her models.

Anyway, as you can imagine hilarity ensues as the guys try to bring her out of her slump. All I can say is the song I've Had The Time of My Life is involved and it is awesome. Now they will have to make some changes when it premieres this fall since Damon Wayans Jr. who is in the pilot is on my new favorite show Happy Endings which just got picked up.

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