Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I love pink!!

Michelle Monaghan at Met Gala

After seeing such beautiful pink dresses at the Met Gala last night I was inspired to write about some of my favorite pink dresses of all time. A bunch were from this year because Calvin Klein and Michael Kors really stepped up their pink sleek designs this year.

As a little girl I was never that much of a pink lady but as I approached my teen years I got very into pink. I am trying to recall if there was a certain outfit or bag I really liked that was pink but nothing really came to mind. Though I am super crazy about my bright pink J.Crew shorts that I just got from J.Crew.

However, I did really like the movie Legally Blond and I liked that she wore a lot of pink and also went to Harvard. That movie was really important for girls, in my humble opinion, because I think it said it was okay for girls to be silly and care about sortuv ridiculous and shallow things but show that they could also be studious and get things done. I love totally silly things like obsessing about ridiculous accessories like my Lilly Pulitzer iPad case, my pink Mac case or my J.Crew pink jelly flats (which are pretty darn silly) but then showing people that I am a Type A crazy workaholic that can get everything done.

Anyway, that was a slight tangent. Basically Legally Blond was just a really good movie. Legally Blond 2...not so much. And now that I think about it Elle Woods totally started the small dog trend. Some may argue it was Paris Hilton but I really don't want to give that girl credit for anything except maybe spreading STDs.

Okay but anyway I love a good pink dress. I tend to like the sleeker looks like Brooklyn Decker sported last night and Claire Danes wore to the Golden Globes this year but if it is done right I can even like a good princess gown like Gwyneth Paltrow's famous Oscar gown. Let's take a look:
Claire Danes in Calvin Klein

Gwyneth Paltrow in the famous Ralph Lauren princess dress.

I actually love this dress that Kristin Cavilaari wore even though she looks horribly emaciated.

Emma Stone in Calvin Klein looking so sleek. This is peach but I am counting it.

Hot skirt.
I love the pink with the black netting.

A little see-through but cute.

Bright and hot.

Brooklyn in Michael Kors.
Very retro.
Only Keri could pull this off. Love the halter neckline.

And finally Reese Witherspoon's amazing pink wedding dress.

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  1. Dear Blog Host,

    I am working on a book and really want to use the lovely Gwyneth in pink photo. I have not been able to source this particular shot; can you direct me to the source/ i.e. photographer, or whomever owns the rights to it? Where you found it? All the other photos of this I've seen the hem is very crumped because actually the straps should have been shortened a bit.

    thanks so much!
    Karolyn Kiisel kkiisel824@gmail.com