Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Style of Gwyneth Paltrow

 Oh Gwyneth. We have been through so much together. Not really, but I do remember when Gwynnie debuted on the scene in the late 90's. Actually she made a small appearance in one of my favorite films ever, Hook, which I didn't even know about until years later. But anyway when she came on the scene playing the wife of Brad Pitt in the film Seven and we were introduced to a whole new kind of cool. 

First she dated Brad which was pretty much the coolest thing to do back then (just ask Juliette Lewis) and her signature waspy look was toned down by her edgy style. Hollywood hadn't had a girl like this in a while. Spence-educated, daughter of intelligent showbiz parents (Bruce Paltrow and the amazing Blythe Danner) and with a naturally body that anyone would kill for. Eventually more people came to know her as Gwyneth Paltrow and less as Brad Pitt's girlfriend thanks to great films like Emma, Sliding Doors and  but then she did some not so great films like The Pallbearer and Hush.

And then for a while she became known as the girl who was dating the other dude from Good Will Hunting (Ben Affleck) but she showed off some amazing styles (oh and remember when she cut her hair off? It was just such a moment. It pretty much came close to the Rachel). And then she made a film called Shakespeare in Love (which she allegedly and legendarily stole from temporary BFF Winona Ryder) and suddenly she was propelled into the world of Oscar-calibur actress (that was the year where Elizabethan drama was just so hot). 

And then she again did some not so great films (Bounce, Shallow Hal) as a little bit of GP backlash built up. Then she pulled a Madonna and married a British dude (Coldplay's Chris Martin, who she has maybe been seen in public with once) and have a few babies with really obnoxious names. And we didn't see much of Gwyneth for a little while on film or in the press. 
The famous pink Oscar dress.

But then she came back in full force with a really hot yoga body and she decided to celebrate this by not wearing pants to movie premieres.. She did blockbuster Iron Man followed by a few off-beat films (Two Lovers, Proof), started a rather obnoxious but entertaining blog called GOOP and was suddenly singing all the time. Now she is trying to build a brand with a new cook book and expanding her web site. Forbes just listed her as one of their top celebrity entrepreneurs. And when she isn't cooking with macrobiotic foods she is usually on Glee

So some of her choices have been questionable but you must admit that GP has rocked some amazing outfits over the years and I think I love her even more now than I did before.
This was the premiere of Gwyneth's film Emma back in 1996.  It is a simple black dress but she makes it stylish and sleek with her hair up and overall cool attitude.

Oh the Brad/Gwyneth years. This is before the media started making up annoying nicknames. Would they just be Bryneth today? Anyway this was shortly before they broke up. Maybe it was because they literally have the same haircut.

Love this Calvin Klein dress. So classy.

Oh I remember this Gucci red suit.

I love when this was a popular look. It was all the rage to wear a small tank with a gorgeous skirt. Gwyneth wore this Donna Karen to take home her Golden Globe for Shakespeare In Love.

This was the year after Gwynnie won the oscar and she just decided that year's ceremony was really no bad thing. Like is she at the Oscars or a poetry reading?

she felt the same way about the Globes. I am not winning this year so I am gonna wear pants. Except those pants are awesome and I love the statement necklace.

Oh the dress that will go down in history for being bad and for advising young ladies to wear bras.

Classic in white

Love the elegant shorts

Love this color

Shiny at this year's Oscars

In her workout gear

And in really awesome short dresses.

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