Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh Emma Stone! I just want to be you!

I just adore Emma Stone. She is a hilarious ham (hello Oscars presentation) but she can do drama (The Help) and now she is about to do arguably the biggest film of the summer, The Amazing Spiderman. Our little Emma has gone blockbuster and her outfits for this worldwide press tour have been incredible.

She told FabSugar "My stylist is really into fashion. She great with it!" Her stylist is Petra Flannery, whom she appeared on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter with earlier this year. So really Emma stylist should get the credit but I still love her. And on this press tour we have just seen an amazing outfit everyday.

Emma is also on the cover of like every magazine right now looking just splendid. In New York Magazine she opens up about her anxiety. I have major anxiety so we are basically the same.

On her worst quality: “I ­project things onto situations that aren’t necessarily happening … I’ll think that someone is saying something or thinking something, and I’ll react emotionally as if that were the truth. Sometimes I think someone is whispering to someone else about me, and I get sad, and then I’m reacting like I’m sad for hours when it really isn’t happening.”

She also likes old men.
On her thoughts about Jim Carrey’s crush: “I’ve always had like weird connections with men in their forties and fifties. I mean, not in a creepy way. I’ve never been attracted to them. But I have always become, like, pals with guys in that age group.”

On looks: “The pretty thing … It was never a value to me growing up. I always thought I was like the goofy, wonky one.”

Plus, I also want to be her because she is dating Andrew Garfield who is just so goofishly charming and cute.

Emma with Andrew at The Tony's

Let's take a look at her Spiderman press outfits and her cute everyday outfits she has been sporting in NYC for the past few months while Andrew appeared in Death of a Salesman on Broadway.

The popular summer trend of light leather. Love the white pants and shoes. 

Great dress for The MTV Movie Awards. 

In Pucci.

Adorable in a Fendi dress

Love me some stripes!

So Mad Men

Definitely a hard dress to pull off but Emma did it in Rochas. 

Love her coat. 


Love the coat. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

An ode to shorts!

I'm not sure when it happened but at some point in the last few years, wearing shorts became accepted as high fashion. I mean women started wearing them in the 30's but it was usually just for a glamour shot or gardening or something. But then in the last few years it became acceptable to wear shorts as evening wear. I think we mostly have Gwyneth Paltrow to thank for this. And then this year Rachel Bilson convinced us that doctors can wear shorts to work on her show Hart of Dixie (though only if they work in a weird town in Alabama.) But I think shorts have become the new go-to go out wear (and in certain jobs professional attire) because they say "I wanna be sexy but I could also do a split right now and it would be cool." I love wearing shorts. They are so feminist chic. Here are some of my favorite shorts looks.

Jessica Stroup


Audrey Hepburn

Lauren Conrad

Olivia Palermo

Reese Witherspoon

Green shorts