Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Reese WItherspoon! You are cute as a button!

I just think Reese Witherspoon is great and such a Hollywood anomaly (her birthday was Friday.) She carries Lands' End bags! She goes to church! She went to college! She actually didn't like that she was pregnant before she got married (to Ryan Phillipe!) Yes, so her last 6 films haven't been that great but she is still America's sweetheart and I love her style. Let's take a look at 10 things I love about Reese Witherspoon:

1) A Far off Place

She was in one of my favorite movies as a kid: A Far off Place. It made your parents being murdered and trekking across the Kalahari dessert seem so glamorous. No, but really if you haven't seen this film, it is excellent. It's actually pretty serious and heavy for a Disney flick (but it should kind of get credit for turning Disney on to Africa pre-Lion King.) Anyway young Reese is, as always, excellent.

2) Legally Blonde

For those of us that hadn't been following Reese's career before then this was considered her breakthrough role. It was a box office smash and made Reese a star. I personally love this fulm and will watch it alomost every time iti s on TBS or E because it made me believe (way back in hugh school) that it was okay to be really girly and feminine and still expect people to take you seriously. You can have your pink cake and eat it too! We will forgive her for Legally Blonde 2.

3) Sweet Home Alabama

Oh such a romcom if there ever was, but I loved it. Yes, Patrick Dempsey was way too understanding about it when she left him at the alter but still. Southern people are funny when they meet people from new York ,And of course, Candice Bergin was there Loved her outfits in this movie as well.

4) Reese's style

Speaking of  fashion, I love Reeses's style. I have actually written about it before but we need o talk about it again. It is that perfect mix of trendiness and old-fashioned class. And I also love that Reese actually looks like she had a baby unlike everyone else in Hollywood (that's a compliment actually.)

6) The fact that she is a producer and may be adapting Gone Girl for the big screen.

“It’s just an incredible feat that Gillian was able to accomplish,” Reese said. “You really can’t anticipate where it’s going, but it’s one of those books you can’t stop reading.”

7)  This clip

8) This Means War

Yes, the film got terrible reviews and was pretty tidiculous but you know what I am cool with any movie where Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are fighting for a girls hand. Especially when that girl is Reese and her BFF is Chelsea Handler. And her outfits in this movie were amazing.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why I will Wear my Uggs Until I Die

The great Uggs debate. The journey for Uggs has been a complex one. First they were beloved by all and considered this great discovery. It was as if women were finally allowed to wear comfortable shoes that kept their feet warm. And they were so ugly they were actually cute. They were clunky and wide and yet even fashionistas loved them.

Plus they were expensive so they seemed like they had to be fashionable. In college I bought a pair of F-Uggs because I couldn't imagine spending over $100 on boots. Oh college naivete!

But then one day someone besides Kate Hudson started wearing Uggs  with a jean skirt and things got really Ugg-ly. Then everyone was wearing them in the summer and it became trashy. There was a lot of Uggs backlash. People were wearing them with the Juicy pants and trucker hats. It was just bad. And yet, people keep wearing them despite all the prejudices. They keep my friggin feet warm and I think they still look okay but they are tough to glamorize unless the look you are going for is chic Eskimo. They even managed to make it to New York Fashion Week. 

Let's look at the evolution or rather the Uggolution of these boots.

Originally they were shoes for Surfers

Then Sienna Miller made them seem ultra-hip if you paired them with a Balenciaga and fringe bangs

Kate Hudson also made people think they could wear them with sundresses

Of course you need a floppy hat

The Apres Ski look though I doubt she was skiing

So laid back

Oh Mischa

But then this started to happen

And this

And this

The Louis Vuitton with the Uggs and the giant sunglasses was everywhere.

But Sienna still wears them

As does Hilary

And Drew

And SJP rocks them

I love the pink accents!

And Jessica Simpson still insists on wearing them with shorts so why can't you?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

6 Things I Must Have for Spring

Spring is...well it would be here if it would stop snowing every 10 minutes. Anyway, we know a slightly warmer, uplifting season is at least around the corner. But what is helping me get through these cold days is thinking about the things I really need for spring:

1) This adorable shift dress from

So the other day I discovered this fabulous site and I am obsessed with their cute dresses, especially that light pink shift dress. It's adorable and retro and will be perfect for all my spring parties!

2) These Kate Spade earrings

Pink and gorgeous. They can brighten up any outfit.

3) A cool patterned dress in the style of Peter Pilotto. 

I don't need a Peter Pilotto dress but a ripoff would be great.

4) Silver oxfords 

Okay so I totally stole this from Olivia Palermo but I think this will just be a fun casual show.

5) This fun jewelry box from C. Wonder

I pretty much want everything from C.Wonder but we'll start with this fun bright box that will also help me be more organzied!

6) A dog bed from Canine Styles

Okay so there is this amazing dog store in New York called Canine Styles. It is like the Tory Burch of pet stores. First of all, it isn't open on Sundays and closes at like 5 pm everyday and is closed on major holidays like...mother's day. Anyway it's really sad because they have these amazing dog beds but they are so expensive but I want one so bad for me....I mean my dog Otis. But seriously they have like my favorite patterns. When I buy one I will decorate my apartment around it.