Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why I will Wear my Uggs Until I Die

The great Uggs debate. The journey for Uggs has been a complex one. First they were beloved by all and considered this great discovery. It was as if women were finally allowed to wear comfortable shoes that kept their feet warm. And they were so ugly they were actually cute. They were clunky and wide and yet even fashionistas loved them.

Plus they were expensive so they seemed like they had to be fashionable. In college I bought a pair of F-Uggs because I couldn't imagine spending over $100 on boots. Oh college naivete!

But then one day someone besides Kate Hudson started wearing Uggs  with a jean skirt and things got really Ugg-ly. Then everyone was wearing them in the summer and it became trashy. There was a lot of Uggs backlash. People were wearing them with the Juicy pants and trucker hats. It was just bad. And yet, people keep wearing them despite all the prejudices. They keep my friggin feet warm and I think they still look okay but they are tough to glamorize unless the look you are going for is chic Eskimo. They even managed to make it to New York Fashion Week. 

Let's look at the evolution or rather the Uggolution of these boots.

Originally they were shoes for Surfers

Then Sienna Miller made them seem ultra-hip if you paired them with a Balenciaga and fringe bangs

Kate Hudson also made people think they could wear them with sundresses

Of course you need a floppy hat

The Apres Ski look though I doubt she was skiing

So laid back

Oh Mischa

But then this started to happen

And this

And this

The Louis Vuitton with the Uggs and the giant sunglasses was everywhere.

But Sienna still wears them

As does Hilary

And Drew

And SJP rocks them

I love the pink accents!

And Jessica Simpson still insists on wearing them with shorts so why can't you?

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  1. i used to live in my uggs as a kid. i was a figure skater and a surfer. so for me they made complete sense. but when i stopped needing them, i stopped wearing them. now i wish i had a pair to wear around when it's cold because there really isnt anything else out there that is the same.