Sunday, March 17, 2013

6 Things I Must Have for Spring

Spring is...well it would be here if it would stop snowing every 10 minutes. Anyway, we know a slightly warmer, uplifting season is at least around the corner. But what is helping me get through these cold days is thinking about the things I really need for spring:

1) This adorable shift dress from

So the other day I discovered this fabulous site and I am obsessed with their cute dresses, especially that light pink shift dress. It's adorable and retro and will be perfect for all my spring parties!

2) These Kate Spade earrings

Pink and gorgeous. They can brighten up any outfit.

3) A cool patterned dress in the style of Peter Pilotto. 

I don't need a Peter Pilotto dress but a ripoff would be great.

4) Silver oxfords 

Okay so I totally stole this from Olivia Palermo but I think this will just be a fun casual show.

5) This fun jewelry box from C. Wonder

I pretty much want everything from C.Wonder but we'll start with this fun bright box that will also help me be more organzied!

6) A dog bed from Canine Styles

Okay so there is this amazing dog store in New York called Canine Styles. It is like the Tory Burch of pet stores. First of all, it isn't open on Sundays and closes at like 5 pm everyday and is closed on major holidays like...mother's day. Anyway it's really sad because they have these amazing dog beds but they are so expensive but I want one so bad for me....I mean my dog Otis. But seriously they have like my favorite patterns. When I buy one I will decorate my apartment around it. 

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  1. i love those earrings! and i really want OP's whole outfit. ps the dog bed is so cute! my dogs are massive, i have 2 german shepherds, so their bed is almost as big as mine and it's not cute at all.