Sunday, March 4, 2012

I love that Spring 2012 is all about the bright pops of color!

I mean sometimes I love wearing all black or black and gray as every New Yorker does but sometimes it's like let's wear some color! I've always been a stickler for a bright pink or green or a crazy neon yellow but that often means I end up looking like a country bumpkin compared to the everyone else who is dressed like a beat poet. But now color is in! And not just color, neon color! If you walk into Ann Taylor you will literally be blinded and I LOVE IT! I bought this necklace the other day from there and I have gotten so many compliments on it.

Plus I love love this pink blouse. It will definitely be bought soon. My friend Clarissa had the blue one on last night and I got really jealous and it got awkward for everyone.

J.Crew usually dominates in the bright spring colors department and they do have some stunning things but I think Ann Taylor may be beating them in the color shock value department. Plus, they have Kate Hudson in their campaign right now. Not too shabby. Ann Taylor gets the most high profile people but then stops using them after like a week (they also had Katie Holmes and pre-rehab Demi Moore in the past year.)

But anyway, color is all around us. For those of you that are more daring I say go for a bright pair of colored skinny jeans. I bought the bright blue pair from the Gap and I had immediate buyers remorse. I thought "Who do I think I am? A cast member of Glee? But I forced myself to wear them with a very simple top and it all worked out. Plus, I totally want to do that West Side Story/Gap ad dance of yesteryear whenever I put them on (Gap really used to have the best ads didn't they?) If you are a little less daring than buy a bright neon bag. I love these bright satchels. They are a tad juvenile but who cares? If you are really daring you can try bright colored pants and a bright colored top and a crazy bag but I think it helps if you look like Blake Lively. Here is a look I put together.

In my opinion here are some of the best uses of this neon trend:
Okay. Usually I don't like to give any of the Kardashian's compliments or recognition but Kourtney does know how to rock the neon. And I love her bag.

This is actually an older look but it would definitely work now. I love the pants and the sparkly jacket.

Like with The Kardashians, I don't care very much for Fergie either (though My Humps is one of the best written songs ever) but I cannot get over these green, leather pants! Fab!

And I kinda hate but love this bright orange see-through dress she wore to The Grammy's. What is happening to me?
And here are those great green pants.
And pink

Again, hate them but love the bags.

Okay yes she is in high school but you can totally wear them too!

Kate in classic red. I can live without the fringe boots though.


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