Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Carrie Mulligan Vogue Cover is Blowing My Mind!

In case you haven't heard The Great Gatsby is coming out in May. Yup, it's true. Everyone's favorite book that they read in high school (or at least read the SparkNotes in close detail) is coming to the big screen with the Baz Luhrmann touch. Now I do believe there are only two kinds of people in this world: People who liked Moulin Rouge and people who didn't. But this film does look amazing. I mean it's Dicaprio and Mulligan. Two of the greatest actors of our generation. Plus Tobey Maguire whose, you know, alright. And Isla Fischer and that new guy that is in everything.

But back to my deal with Luhrmann. Is he an amazing filmmaker? Absolutely. Do I feel like I am on drugs when I watch his films? Yes. And that is what I don't love about his movies. But Gatsby looks like an a work of art and though I don't love his adaptation of Romeo and Juliet I will say it was one of the most influential films in my adolescence (I think it saw three times in the theater.) People loved Moulin Rouge but I couldn't handle it. Australia was ridiculous though.  It was like The Wizard of Oz meets Out of Africa plus aborigines. It's just not a needed combination.

And the fashion in all of these films is incredible and Gatsby may take home the big prize. The costumes are incredible. The Vogue cover is a tribute to that and I am obsessed with that shade of green . It is just the best. In other words I will absolutely being seeing the film.

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