Friday, April 12, 2013

Umm when did Julianne Hough get so Fashionable?

And also, when did Julianne Hough get such a rockin' career? Boy, I think we now have to admit that Dancing with the Stars is a leveraging platform. But what has been really interesting to watch is her transformation from big-haired, sparkly dancer to sleek, sophisticated starlet. And I love her hair!

Her DWTS days

Did anyone actually see that movie she did with Josh Duhamel? I just couldn't move myself to see it after that one with Zac Efron where he walked from like Denver to Charleston and played the piano and everyone took canoe rides in the one canal that exists in every Nicolas Sparks movie.

Well, let's look at her fashion sense anyway.

So retro! Love it! Very modern Doris Day!

Love this suit

Ehh, this is a little 50 Shades of Grey for me

Oh you know.. Just a casual stroll with Olivia Munn

Love the color

Love this dress!

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  1. hahaha i love your comment about all the sparks movies! so true! and i think ryan seacrest really helped her launch her career. she has a collection of shoes with sole society too.