Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So Let's Talk About GP (Gwyneth Paltrow)

Okay so I have been a little hard on Gwyneth Paltrow lately with all her talk about telling everyone that they can do everything better or more like her. Everything from dressing to doing arial yoga to pooping (Gwyneth just poops better than you.) And then she became People's 'Most Beautiful Person that writes cookbooks and had a recurring role on Glee' of the year which seemed to just be tied directly into the promotion of Iron Man 3 and her new cookbook called "I even look cute when I am working in my garden with no makeup" (otherwise known as "It's All Good") 

But her appearance on Chelsea Lately last night helped her a bit. First of all, she wore an awesome effortless outfit which I will absolutely try to recreate later this week when I feel less like death (I managed to catch the bubonic plague. Again.) And we do have to give her credit for always bringing it fashion wise on her latest press junket. Basically Gwyneth is very easy to hate but she is also pretty easy to love. 

Oh and the GP nickname is from a very memorable of the short-lived but brilliant WB Ryan Murphy vehicle Popular in which there was an entire episode dedicated to being obsessed with GP aka Gwyneth Paltrow. And who here wasn't obsessed with Gwyneth when they were in high school? 

She pulls it off

All business

I love that she wears shorts to like major events

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  1. i actually really like her. i think she says things she shouldn't say a lot of the time but she has good style and i hear great things about her book.