Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wine: How Classy People Get Drunk

I saw this on one of those great old-fashioned signs the other day and I chuckled out loud and thought to myself "So true".  I didn't really start to love wine until the second half of senior year when hard liquor had just really lost its appeal because I had probably abused it so much. I went through a short Bloody Mary phase for a few months because I thought it made me seem very original and I was obsessed with Lucille Bluth on the amazing Arrested Development but that phase eventually wore off.

Anyway, now I really just love wine. It calms me down after a hard day, it is not terribly expensive and I really love those stemless glasses that are all the rage now. I should probably take a class so I can do things like take a sip and say "This is arrogant with a slight musk of sensitivity" but alas I have not yet. Or perhaps I will just take a wine tour and then drive around in a convertible like in the film Sideways (could that film have promoted drunk driving even more?). Anyway I prefer a white wine to red mostly because if you spill red your whole night can be ruined and you get red teeth and stained lips and I already often have to deal with abnormal tongue color because of my addiction to Nerds candy. But white wine you can spill for fun and no one even notices. Sometimes I just spill it for fun.

I also just read on a blog entitled Classy Things that wine is the second classiest drink after champagne and if you want to pick out the classiest man at a party find the one drinking wine or a fancy foreign beer. So there is a bonus tip for you!

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