Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The L.L.Bean Boat Tote Is One Of The Best Bags Of All Time!

Oh L.L.Bean. When I think of that company images of tents and Maine and barn jackets pop into my head. And the amazing boat tote bag, I believe I have three now. They are such durable and classic bags and make me think I am close to the water even when I am not. I mean don't you just feel more American when you carry one?
I usually go with the medium size with the long handles but I upgraded to the large which is perfect for weekend trips but I get some looks when I bring it work because it could actually fit a small child in it rather comfortably. In the past I have gone with bright colors but this time I opted for black which gives it a more sophisticated aesthetic. The bags look especially nice with boat shoes. 

Here are some other people that like the bag:
Gwyneth and Moses

Courtney Cox

Julia Roberts

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