Monday, April 25, 2011


I never really cared for necklaces much as a kid. I was much more focused on getting my ears pierced. I was forced to wait until the extremely old age of 11 before I could literally start wearing the tackiest (and heaviest) earrings you have ever seen (apparently I had the taste of drag queens in my tween years) which subsequently led to years of infections and now I can only wear the purest gold or silver (well I think that is mostly because I am super classy).
I swear I had the exact same one in college.

Anyway, I believe it was junior year of college when necklaces suddenly started striking my fancy. I blame the Olsen twins and the cast of The OC for inspiring most of my fashion choices back then and big, giant Wilma Flinstone beads were the thing and I went crazy. I am pretty sure I had one necklace that was a little too reminiscent of S&M beads.

Eventually, thank goodness, giant beads got a little less popular (despite this recent picture of Jessica Simpson) and became more ornate.

As J.Crew and Banana Republic have expanded their jewelry lines in the last few years I have become addicted to their necklaces. Two years ago they did these great big, beautiful bubble necklaces that were kinduv Dances with Wolves meets Henri Bendel. I have two.

Then last year everything got a bit more refined and crystalish mixed in with chains to give it a hard edge.

I also love the Van Cleef & Arpels necklaces that Reese Witherspoon also loved. Sadly I don't own one of these yet but I aspire to. My friends' mother wore a choker version one when she went on a jog and it took all my strength not to yell at her for wearing it while sweating and presenting a list of reasons why I was more qualified to own it.

I suppose my favorite type of necklace is anything big and turquoise but if it is big and makes a statement be it beads, clear or a bib, I will probably at least give it a try. Here are some of my favorite looks:
The statement necklace is a staple for Anna Wintour

She is so sad but I love her necklace.

I love a hge necklace with a flowing shirt.

Olivia Palermo is a huge fan of the bib necklace

Looking very J.Crew here

Beautiful on Eva Mendes

Sortv a chic needle-look on Lucy Hale

The only person who made a gold name necklace not tacky.

So cute and simple on Amanda Peet.

Love this big chain necklace on Jessica. 

Julia can work a big pendant.
Very unique necklace on Reese.

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