Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Am Weirdly Excited About This New Switched At Birth Show On ABC Family

And if anybody can do a show about a hospital mix up, it is ABC Family. When I first heard about the show I thought it sounded completely stupid and I was mad at the channel since they cancelled my beloved GREEK which was the only show on the network that slightly approached reality. I mean that show about the gymnasts is just weird (and not one of those girls could actually be a gymnast) and then at one point I did like Pretty Little Liars but it really got bad this season. I mean how far can a show based on a dead girl who sends creepy texts really go?

Anyway so this show Switched at Birth is of course about two babies switched at birth. Now my argument with this storyline is always how often does this actually really happen and wouldn't parents notice that their child looked nothing like them? Especially in the case of this show in which they are trying to convince us that actress Vanessa Marono is supposed to be Hispanic (she does have really dark hair but very pale skin which they have thrown some self-tanner on. If these looks qualify as Hispanic then I need to start eating more burritos). Okay so here she is this dark brunette to a red-headed mom (Leah Thompson) and light-haired dad. And then that couple's real child of course has the same red hair but her mother is played by Constance Marie who is a legit hispanic person and they look nothing alike so wouldn't you think something was up?

Okay so I thought this was totally stupid and you know there is going to be some ridiculously, stupid way that they figure this out. But then I was watching an extended trailer when I went to go see Your Highness (which is excellent by the way if you are stoned or a 12-year-old boy. Ideally both) and the show the girls figuring this out and meeting their birth parents and then...wait for it....it turns out the red-headed girl is DEAF! I mean total game-changer. Plus the actress they have playing her, Katie Leclerc, is stunning and speaks so well you actually can barely tell she is deaf except. The thing is I love a good sign language scene and I am absolutely fascinated by deaf people. When I was in second grade our teacher showed us the Academy-Award winning film The Miracle Worker starring Patty Duke and I have been obsessed with Helen Keller and that film ever since. If you haven't seen it, stop what you are doing now and go watch it immediately. Both Duke and Anne Bancroft's performances are amazing.

I mean the show still looks pretty stupid but I will probably at least give it a chance because in summer time your choices are reruns or some bridal show where they race to get plastic surgery. Oh wait. That already exists.

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