Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Transformers 3 Trailer Looks Rather Awesome. I Have A Soft Spot For Giant Alien Robots and Shia Labeouf.

I have grown to like action movies as I have aged but only certain types. Usually they have to involve a giant natural predator that one could encounter in real life like giant squids, snakes, sharks (JAWS is my all time favorite film but that is a whole other post) and dinosaurs (Jurassic Park could happen and I CANNOT wait until it does!) or a bus with a bomb on it and finally some sort of alien invasion that can only be stopped by an unlikely hero namely Shia Labeouf who is one of my imaginary boyfriends. I guess I also like The Fast and the Furious franchise but mainly that is because I like to watch Paul Walker driving and staring. I could live without his talking.

Anyway, I loved the first Transformers. It was funny and fun and there was a chihuahua. I didn't so much care for Megan Fox prancing around. I have always liked the way Michael Bay makes films with his heightened colors (especially women's blue eyes and everyone looks like they just emerged from a tanning bed) and is very loudly patriotic. I mean I loved how he presented the American spirit in Armageddon but I am pretty sure we didn't win Pearl Harbor which is how he seemed to present it.

So Transformers 2 wasn't quite as good and was just super loud and I don't really even remember the plot. But apparently both Shia and Michael admitted that the second one wasn't great and that the third one is supposed to be better. It is going to be totally different because this one takes place in Chicago and  instead of Sam dating a girl that looks like a model/porn star, he is dating a girl that only looks like a model. Seriously trailer makers? You let everyone else have lines in the trailer amidst 800 transformers and buildings being ripped apart and all you let Rosie Huntington Whitley do was pout her lips and stare into the camera? Surely Michael Bay let her say at least a few words in the film.

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