Friday, April 22, 2011

I love stripes! La la la!

I really have an obsession with stripes (almost as much as my scarves obsession but that is totally different post) and I am not sure why. Is it my secret desire to look like a fashionable French woman à la Jean Seberg in Blow Up? However, I could not pull off that haircut and I am not into the small scarves tied around the neck even though I am obsessed with scarves. Conundrum.

Or maybe it is my strong predilection for all things nautical. I really like anchors (I'm wearing a shirt with one one it right now) and stripes because it makes me feel like I am this much closer to owning a yacht someday. Though I did draw a line a few years ago when J.Crew started using actual rope in their designs. That was just a bit too much.

J. Crew

However I do love a good striped shirt with either jeans, white pants, black pants or skinny cargos which I used to be totally against because it just seemed like you were walking around wearing hypocritical pants but then I realized they were awesome. You can go with aviators for a cooler, more street cred look but classic big sunglasses give you a more worldy look I feel.

Here are some great striped looks:
Jackie O.

Lauren Conrad with a Miu Miu bag

Audrey Hepburn

Eva Mendes

Whitney Port

Amanda Seyfried

Lindsay again rockin' a 70's look

She is not wearing stripes but I really love this couch which is striped.

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