Monday, April 18, 2011

OMFG Jack Rogers had made jellies and they are adorable!!

I know you have all been waiting for this moment for a long time but try to contain yourself. JR has taken a cue from its slightly hipper younger counterpart Tory Burch and has embraced all things jelly. What is great about the jelly versions of these pricey shoe brands is that they are about a $100 bucks cheaper than the originals plus they may actually be more comfortable and are better in the rain. Not that a pair of Jack Roger's aren't a great investment. They are my go-to summer shoe. I recommend gold because they truly go with anything.

And for New York peeps they just opened a store in the mid-80's on Madison Avenue. Jack Rogers also makes clothes as well as shoes!

P.S. Did you know Jack Rogers have been around for 50 years and that Jackie Kennedy wore them? You can use that one at a cocktail party.

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