Thursday, April 21, 2011

How do I love Reese Witherspoon's style? Let me count the ways

Besides being a great actress, philanthropist, mother of two adorable blond children, wife and decent singer Reese also has the best style in Hollywood in my opinion. She keeps up with the trends but not so much that she abandons her classic Southern preppy ladylike style. Reese always looks put together but not so much that you know she is calling a stylist everytime she leaves her house. The fact that this woman often runs around in Nike shorts and a baseball cap says a lot I think. Anyway though she has had some great red carpet numbers (hello yellow Nina Ricci dress from the Golden Globes a few years ago) it is everyday outfits that I adore and try to emulate. You gotta love a girl who can wear a fedora without looking like a jackass.
Here are some of my favorite Reese outfits:
Crisp, clean and white

Love a girl who loves stripes

I adore this outfit. It is simple and great.

A little bit funkier but she manages to pull off cowboy boots without annoying me.

More stripes!

I love this because it shows you can look business-like without looking like a man.

Cute dress

Love this color

Love anyone who appreciates a great scarf and I love when she had short hair.

Pulls off a fedora and doesn't look like a tool.

Great necklace.

Another gorgeous white dress.

Looking cute and casual with husband Jim Toth.

Sharp but casual.

I adore this coat.

And another great dress and hat ensemble.

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