Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Endings: My favorite show of the week

A lot of reviews have called it a Friends rip-off (but pretty much any show that features young, attractive people that are friends is called a rip-off of Friends which itself was kinduv a rip-off of Cheers so let's point less fingers people). Anyway the show has a relatively unknown cast except for Elisha Cuthbert of 24 though this is quite a change from that role. Other people you may recognize or at least go "I've seen them before" include Damon Wayans Jr. That's right. Damon Wayans has a full grown 28-year-old son. How old do you feel now? You may also recognize Casey Wilson who did one season on Saturday Night Live. And then there are two dudes you really won't recognize (unless you have seen the Prince & Me a bunch of times which I have not of course...) and Eliza Coupe who survived the last two seasons of the sinking ship that was Scrubs.

The plot is a little unbelievable (bride leaves groom at the alter in the first three minutes of the pilot. Has anyone seen this ever happen?) and I also don't really understand the dynamics of friend television groups. I mean how many groups of people go through elementary school through college with their friends and are best friends with their sister? But the jokes are pretty quick and Wilson is especially hilarious. I LOL'd during the second episode when the group's token gay guy (except he is different than most shows because he is more like a straight guy who likes dudes) pointed out that Wilson's character Penny didn't need a flamboyant gay best friend because she was the group's flamboyant gay person. You can watch the episode on and then you actually get why this is funny. Two new episodes are on tonight on ABC at 10 pm.

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