Friday, April 22, 2011

Selma Blair is Rocking the Pregnancy Look Like No Other

I mean it is not surprising considering Selma Blair has also been a fashion maven and has pulled off some amazing looks. Like this one from the Legally Blond premiere so many years ago:

And now she has successfully applied her great style to her huge belly. She is trendy but not so much to the point that she looks ridiculous and uncomfortable (hello Rachel Zoe) but she also brings in her own unique, funky vibes. She looks so cute in her overalls that she has made me rethink that they should not be banished all together and that everyone should save a pair for when they are pregnant but I think you should only wear them if you are like going to a farmer's market or something.

Here are Selma's great mama-to-be looks:


Who says you can't weather pants when you're expecting?


Trendy and cool

Love this color

Patterns are great

Casual but still put together

Beautiful empire waist

Gosh it seems like just yesterday Selma had burst on to the scene in the masterpiece that was Cruel Intentions but believe it or not that was 12 years ago! Ahhhh! Anyway Selma has an interesting career since then with roles in films including Legally Blond, The Sweetest Thing, Hellboy and the series Kath & Kim.
Selma and Sarah Michelle Gellar winning the MTV Movie Award for best kiss for Cruel Intentions.

Looking oh so French

Gorgeous and symmetrical.

So cute.

I forgot she went bleach blond.
Classic prep with her boat tote.

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