Saturday, April 16, 2011

I think my nose gets a little pointier everyday

Though I was blessed with both Italian and Waspy roots I will say I got quite a weird mix.

I got the dark brown hair from the Italian side while I get to watch my cousins prance around with their blond hair and blue eyes (thank God none of them are girls or else there would be some serious resentment happening). And then to top it off I got the super sensitive Waspy skin and I am not just talking like Nicole Kidman pale skin but like the type that if I use a slightly different detergent I end up itching so much that people won't get in a 1-mile radius of me because they think I have bed bugs which in Manhattan is a legitimate fear.

This has also made my wearing of make-up always a challenge because I will have bad reactions to anything that is not gentle enough to go on a baby. I also don't really know how to wear make-up and pretty much just throw some black crap on my eyes on saturday nights. Sometimes I manage to wear a little bronzer (to offset the vampire-like white skin) but that has resulted in moments where I look like I either got dirty working in a field somewhere or am obviously wearing powder on my face because my neck is a different color.

And then this brings us to the nose. I inherited a very pointy and slightly upturned nose which I believe gets a little more upturned everyday. This sounds like the makings of a children's book except the last children's fable about someone with a nose issue was an indication of his chronic fabrication habit. However, Pinnochio should be cut some slack considering he had to deal with the enormous transition of  changing from a puppet made of wood into a living, breathing human. If that's not a lot for a 6-year-old to deal with, I don't know what is. Anyway, I digress but basically as my face becomes angular and bony as I get older (which is fine since as many children with round faces know, it is always nice to get some angles as you grow) I think my nose, very slowly, seems to be getting more cuspated every day.
That is my little nose in the lower right corner.

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