Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why Elizabeth Olsen may be the coolest Olsen. Actually, it's Mary-Kate but this girl is cool too.

In case you haven't heard Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, they of the boho fashion, crazy hair and billions of dollars, have a sister. She has those same Muppet eyes but she is not the height of a six year old so she is easy to spot. She is also actually an actress and is getting all that pre, pre, pre Oscar buzz that starts about now for her role in the film Martha Marcy May Marlene. According to the NYU Local (and by the way the youngest Olsen is finishing up her undergrad degree at NYU unlike her sisters who went for like a day. I'm pretty sure they just went so they could be closer to Starbucks) the story is about:

"Martha, (Elizabeth Olsen, who goes by Marcy May and Marlene at other points in the film) a member of a backwoods cult in the Catskills, who escapes and seeks refuge with the only family she has – her sister, Lucy (Sarah Paulson) and Lucy’s new husband, Ted (Hugh Dancy, to get a little star power in there). “She seems okay,” Lucy says of Martha’s emotional state early in the film. But we all know that ain’t the case. Martha is all unraveled and her crazy becomes more and more apparent as we learn what happened during her time in the cult made her that way."

Olsen is getting stunning reviews for her performance even though this is only like her third role and one of them was in her sisters' classic film, How The West Was Won. Anyway, as you can imagine, Lizzie is getting a ton of attention and is being helmed as the next it girl. She has that perfect combination of both Mary Kate and Ashley but she actually brushes her hair.

Elizabeth seems to be following the crazed young women roles as her next film is about a woman unraveling and is called Silent House. It is due next month.After that she has a slew of other films with top actors including Jane Fonda in Peace, Love & Misunderstanding, Robert DeNiro in Red Lights, Zac Efron in Very Good Girls and fellow NYU classmate Dakota Fanning in Liberal Arts. I wonder if they got school credit for that one. 

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