Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am a Candy Addict and this is why

My friend Ashleigh has been begging me to write this for months so here it goes. I am a candy addict. Now, I know what you're thinking. All women love chocolate. No, no. Chocolate is boring and normal. Everyone likes chocolate but there are only some that are obsessed with pure sugar. I'm talking the stuff that drives dentists crazy (and I would know. My dentist looks like I shot his dog every time I see him. It is more upsetting when a dentist says he is disappointed in you than your parents. And I was supposed to be a doctor.)
I don't know why they used Hansel & Gretel as a warning for children. They had a plan.

It definitely started when I was a child. I don't think my parents gave me more candy than other children but for some reason I just decided this was something that was not a treat to me, but needed to be part of my diet. The idea of only eating a lot of candy one day a year (Halloween) was preposterous! I think it had to do with my one way of rebelling from my parents ( I was a bit of a goody two-shoes). Anyway, I eventually became addicted. As I say, at least it's not crack.

And you would think maybe I would have grown out of this in adulthood but alas, no. I carry Nerds in my purse. I push children out of the way in candy stores. And speaking of candy stores, living in New York hasn't helped. One of my favorite places in the city ever is Dylan's Candy Bar, founded by genius Dylan Lauren. It's colorful, sweet, has my favorite kinds of candy and only plays songs with the words candy in it. I could live without all the hyper children but we can't win them all. Oh and then the other day I discovered the new FAO Schwartz Sweetz cafe which is actually insane. It is Dylan's Candy Bar on crack. Willy Wonka would literally have told the owners to tone it down a bit. There were nerds boxes bigger than my heads. It was mind blowing and intriguing.

Like she eats candy?

She'll probably start making Skinny Candy.

Girl after my own heart.

Yes, someday I would like to eat less candy and it will be difficult to discipline my children in this area (especially if all of my teeth have fallen out) but we all have struggles to overcome.

Now as for my favorite kinds of candy, I'm glad you ask.
Sour Patch Kids: Classic. Though you have to make sure they aren't too moist which is always a risk when you buy in bulk.

Bleep-bleeps! So good but not very attractive to eat. And they do hurt your mouth after a bit.

Just pure sugar plus a stick made out of sugar that you put the sugar on.  Genius.

This is my weird candy. For some reason I love this licorice with the hard candy shell. Most people hate Good & Plenty. 

Tiny Tarts! Delicious and tiny!

Possibly my favorite but very hard to find.
So delicious but kill your tongue.

They used to be more tart and now they are more sweet but still excellent.

Another classic.

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