Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Fashion of Kristen Stewart and the other Twilight Actresses

Okay, I know I just said vampires are losing their allure but that doesn't mean Twilight isn't still hot. And the actresses playing these vampires or vampire wannabes are super hot and have been sporting some awesome dresses this week as they promote the hell out of Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Nikki Reed

Ashley Greene

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But honestly the night really belongs to Kristen Stewart. Though she would obviously always rather be wearing her hoody and converse sneakers, the girl rocks a short dress. I mean with legs like that, how could you not?
Though she looks good in a long dress too. Plus these guys on your sides doesn't hurt either. 

Cool and casual

And if you haven't seen this amazing parady video of how to learn public speaking from Kristen Stewart then your life is less than wonderful.

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  1. Great!!!i mean its kinda true...she rocks in everything...including the way she dress?ermm thanks for this...