Monday, November 28, 2011

It really annoys me that I like Nicky Hilton's style so much, but I really do

I mean it's not really Nicky's fault, it's just that she is directly related to Paris Hilton who is just awful and is now officially a has-been. But I think I may like Kim Kardashian even less if that is possible. Anyway, once Nikki stopped being Paris Jr. and developing her own style she has done a suburb job of blending old school prep with trendy fashion.

I don't understand what is happening
Much better

And I imagine it must be difficult to know that your sister is just a really giant whore and is like proud of the fact and still incorporates sparkles into every outfit even though she is 30. But Nicky has great style and most of the time she does it without carrying around a tiny chihuahua. Now I could not tell you what Nicky Hilton does for a living besides dating the Olsen twins' ex-boyfriends. I think the Hilton sisters may still be popular in Japan so they may have some fashion stuff happening over there. Who knows? Let's take a look at some of her best outfits. I will say it helps when you have every Balenciaga bag ever made:


I even like her running clothes!

Love a patterned blouse like this

And this one

Oh and this one

Fun leather pants and then she classes it up with a blazer and flats.

Love a girl who likes flats

braid and stripes! Love it! 

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