Thursday, November 10, 2011

The War Horse trailer makes me cry and its because I have a big ol' crush on an old dude named John Williams

Horses. They just get me every time. The trailer for War Horse, Stephen Speilberg's latest cinematic masterpiece, based on the play of the same name is coming out in December (just in time for the Oscars) and it looks a-mah-zing. Of course, any kind of animal always makes me cry and then throw in some young men going off to war and I'm balling. Plus every damn shot in the trailer is just beautiful. But what really gets me is the score in the trailer which has to of course be by the brilliant John Williams. I'm a weirdo that likes film scores. It gives me a lot to talk about with geeky teenage boys so that is a plus.

 Anyway, John Williams   This is the man after all that came up with the two notes that made people afraid to go in the water (Jaws.) He also did Jurassic Park, Hook (my favorite), Far and Away, Star Wars, Saving Private Ryan, E.T. and at least a dozen others. John Williams has made you enjoy movies more. Anyway, War Horse looks amazing. There is a really awesome horse, like Seabiscuit awesome, and some young people and everyone looks very ruddy and is standing in a field. Who doesn't love that?
John Williams

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