Sunday, September 9, 2012

Carole Radziwill Is Just The Coolest!

I don't know how the producers of The Real Housewives of New York City convinced the coolest women ever to join their cast of screaming hens but they did. She literally has no drama with anyone which doesn't make for the most entertaining television but it doesn't matter cause she is just so cool. It's as if James Dean and Lou Reed had a baby with the hair of Jennifer Aniston. This woman has so much patience. I mean you have to be to be around Ramona Singer.

No one should have to deal with that woman. And to write Ramona and Sonja Morgan off as just drunk ol' biddys is also angelic because they are actually crazy women. CRAZY. But again, this is Carole we are talking about. She takes the subway and wears aviators. She orders pizza for a fancy lady lunch. She dates rockstars. She is technically a princess but doesn't feel she has to open with that in conversations with other women, the press, homeless people, etc., unlike LouAnn who is the countess of some made up place in France.

In case you don't know who Carole Radziwill was, before she became a real housewife, she was a journalist for ABC that gained notoriety when she wed Polish prince Anthony Radziwill in 1994. With this marriage she became part of European royalty and American royalty. Anthony was the son of Lee Bouvier Radziwill, the sister of Jackie O. JFK Jr. was Anthony's best friend and his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, became Carole's best friend. European royalty and a Jackie Kennedy connection! Taylor Swift is freaking out!

It seemed like a fairytale for the working class girl from Suffern, New York. But in 1999 everything changed.  On July 16 John and Carolyn died in that fatal plane crash on the way to Martha's Vineyard and less than a month later Anthony lost his five-year battle with testicular cancer. Not exactly Camelot.

But Carole persevered and wrote a beautiful book, What Remains, chronicling her loss. The book was a New York Times best seller and landed her a sit down with Oprah.

Carole left her job at ABC to write the book but continues to write for magazines (you can see all her interviews here on her awesome blog.) She also started a second book called The Widow's Guide To Sex and Dating which recently got optioned for a TV show. 

So clearly this woman is awesome. If you read any of us her stuff you can see how warm she is and she just invites you in. You also see that on the show. Maybe she just takes a lot of Xanex but I think she has probably done so much yoga (I mean look at her body) that she is just in an awesome zen place at all times. I mean if I had been on the New York Times best-selling list and possibly dated George Clooney (or just been his f*ck buddy), I'd be pretty damn zen too. But it is hard to be zen when you eat Good & Plenty for breakfast some time and her yorkshire terrier puppy just ate a piece of cat poop. So not zen.

I mean look at what she wrote about Ramona and Sonja who were crazy, naked b*tches in St. Barts:

"Let me take a minute here to say that while I might not agree with everything Ramona and Sonja do or say, they are definitely fun and entertaining. They can both drink pirates under the table but they are two decent people. Do we have a lot in common? Yes, no, maybe. But as my fat Italian Grandma Millie always said, “It takes all types to make a world.” That’s how I grew up. I celebrate the differences in people, and then look for commonality. It’s there, with everyone, if you’re willing to look. I always assume, regardless of what we’re wearing or drinking or saying, that we run around most of the time in our own personal hell. We all have that in common."

Again, I am not sure what she is doing on this show. She is actually level-headed and thinks before she speaks, which is not RHONY. And like a classy person she only says bad things behind people's backs.

The woman is also just hot but not like in an obvious way. Unlike Ramona and Sonja who clearly have such low self esteem they they try every plastic surgeon and vajazzling and parade around topless.

 The boat ride was pathetic. Carole is a little thin but she is strong. And her style is AH-MAH-ZING. We just have to check out some of her best looks.


I mean standing next to the guys FROM AEROSMITH HELPS

I need this dress in my life

So flowy

I mean on anyone else it probably wouldn't make sense. But she pulls it off. 

Leopard love!

In Balenciaga

She is basically wearing a spandex suit from the 1980s and yet I want to wear it. 

Who doesn't play croquet in a fur vest?

To die for. Minus the cross. 

And since we are already talking about new cast members of The Real Housewives of New York City we have to talk about Aviva.

After her amazing Vassar speech last week, I've decided she is a rock star.  I mean the speech was ridiculous:

“I went to law school, and I went to Vassar, and I speak several languages. I hear and I understand everything.” 

I didn't go to Vassar but I am just going to start saying that when people piss me off. My mother went to Vassar so I could just change it to:

"I went to journalism school and my mom went to Vassar and I speak one language and very mediocre Spanish. I hear and understand everything (especially when it has to do with Hart of Dixie plot lines.)

Anyway, Viva started off the season as this very insecure woman who constantly talked about wanting to be a cool girl. I mean, it is totally normal to feel extremely insecure when you are in the presence of Carol but there is no reason to be intimidated by the other women unless you think alcoholism, pill addiction and dependency on animals is awesome. But now she is starting to grow some balls and also realize that these women are insane. She's got one leg and she is awesome. But seriously, her charity work is amazing and she looks like a friggin' Bond girl. She is just stunning. No wonder her dad tried to hit on her. Actually, that was gross. 

Mother of four.

Even though she hates flying, she looks awesome. 

I mean, come on!

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