Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh to be Jane Birkin!

I only like boutiques.-Jane Birkin

Wouldn't it be cool if someone heard your last name and an image of one of the most iconic and awesome bags in the history of the world popped into their head? Well, Jane Birkin accomplished that. Getting a bag named after me by an amazing designer is so on my bucket list.

Was there seriously anyone cooler than British born Jane Birkin? Amazing, effortless style, ridiculously gorgeous, actress/singer/Serge Gainsbourg muse/bag muse, etc., I love the little dresses and just saying f*ck you to wearing a bra and oh, the bangs.

Braids and stripes. Perfection.

So 1960s

The story of the bag could only happen to Jane Birkin. In 1981 Hermes chief exec Jean-Louis Dumas was seated next to her on a flight from Paris to London. Jane was using a straw bag at the time that fell to the floor, spilling out all her things. She explained to Dumas that it was tough for her to find a leather weekend bag she liked. So in 1984 he created the famous black leather bag for her. I wish that would happen to me on planes.

Here are some celebs with the famous bag:

Olivia Palermo really loves her Birkin(s)

She even bikes with it. 

And then somewhere along the way it became a gym bag.

It's like all the Birkin bags joined together to make this one. Is Suri in there?

Love everything happening here. 

This is the only time I give them credit. 

As for how Jane landed the famous French poet here it is from The Guardian:

"This was how the wooing of his next major love interest was widely reported, but it's not necessarily the truth. Distraught after the collapse of his relationship with Bardot, Gainsbourg occupied himself with a role in the 1969 film Slogan. Playing opposite him was a charming, young English actor called Jane Birkin. Under the impression that her co-star hated her, Birkin arranged a dinner with him over which Gainsbourg, 18 years her senior, fell in love. Unfortunately, due to the amount of alcohol consumed throughout the date, the first night the pair spent together was in a hotel room ... with Gainsbourg passed out drunk on the bed. The pair would remain a couple until 1980, and inseparable friends until the end of Serge's life."

She also gave birth to two other amazing style icons Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Dillion. Both gorgeous in unconventional ways and their style is off the walls. They also seem to be sometimes actresses (Charlotte was in Jane Eyre and Meloncholia)/musicians/poets/great looking people that dress well and make us feel bad for not being awesome and French.

Obsessed with these pants

Lou Dillon

Classic Jane

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  1. I absolutely love this post and your blog, so many amazing pictures to show this stunning woman. She is one of my makeup idols!