Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Things I Really Want This Fall

Oh fall. It is my favorite season. And not just because we celebrate a holiday where we can dress up like anything we want and give out candy SO AWESOME) but also because of like pretty foliage and stuff.

I also enjoy not sweating every time I walk 10 blocks because it has finally cooled off. Now it is cold and wet but last week in New York it was that perfect weather where you can pretty much wear anything you want. Shorts with cable knit sweaters, pants with sleeveless tops, boots, sandals, scarves with tank tops (cause sometimes your neck is cold), weird hats, etc., Like this ridiculous outfit Lea Michele wore on Glee is a perfect example of what you can wear in October.

But the fall like the summer, and every other season, and pretty much any time I watch television or read a magazine, makes me want new clothes, purses and just other crap. So my five fall dream items (which I could buy but then I wouldn't be able to eat regularly are):

1. Valentino Studded flats

 I'm starting with the big guns. These have actually been around for a while. I believe I first saw Alexa Chung wearing them. They make them in heels as well but I just love the flats. I love that studs are so big this season. It says, hey, I'm girly but I'm way more bad ass than just getting sparkles on my shoes. I just feel like my life would be better with these shoes.

However, $800 for a pair of ballet flats that I probably won't be able to walk in isn't exactly practical but what if they were just like my sitting flats? What are sitting flats you ask? Good question. See even though we who wear flats give ourselves credit for not wearing heels (who else laughs at girls walking down the street who clearly can't walk in their heels? I know that's mean but there are only a few women who actually know how to walk in heels and they have mostly likely lost all feeling in their limbs. Even Sarah Jessica admitted she has damaged her feet.) you can find extremely flats that are almost as uncomfortable as heels. For example:

This was my first day wearing these little J.Crew flats. A lovely French woman stopped me to give me bandaids as blood was pouring out of my ankles. It was great.

So sometimes you wear the fancy flats and then change into your crappy flats (which kinda is the whole point of flats but whatever) and if possible you would prefer to only sit in certain flats. I am trying to make sitting the new cool thing to do at parties. I do it at bars now because my foot got stepped in so many times my first few years in the city that I just can't risk it anymore.

At the same time I feel like I could make these shoes. That's not true because I am really not crafty at all nor patient but luckily someone on Etsy is!

2. J.Crew Racing Stripe pant

I don't even know if these are available anymore but they are awesome. I had this awesome pair of tuxedo pants from Banana Republic when I was in high school and I am kicking myself for not saving them. These are sporty and sophisticated and all the rage right now.

I have not found a similar pair anywhere and it is driving me crazy! Urban Outfitters had a Bulldog grey jeans pair with pieces of metal going down the side which were kind of cool but a little too Miley Cyrus for me and I am so not feeling her new haircut.

Ann Taylor had a great pair but I missed out on those so who knows if I will ever get to wear these!

But you do have to be careful with the tuxedo pant trousers because you can quickly go from this:

To this:

The goal is to feel like this:

3. Lululemon Yoga Bag

Do I do yoga? Ummm does talking about the fact that I should do yoga for a solid five years count? Now, I don't actually shop at Lululemon often because it is so expensive. I prefer to go to The Gap where they are blatantly ripping off Lululemon to a point that is almost comical (except the Gap is laughing all the way to the bank.)

But I do love their giant bags which are supposed to be for the gym but I would use them for going to work because when I go to work I try to pack for at least three possible situations: A) I actually do go to the gym because I am not exhausted B) I get invited to a fabulous cocktail party and need to make upgrades to my outfit including shoes, possible jacket change, jewelry, etc., C) I find a small puppy on the street and have to smuggle it home.

And Lululemon bags are perfect for all those situations. Plus fun color!

4. Everything in the C Wonder store

I am obsessed with this store. It basically took everything in my being not to buy everything last time I was there. I was pretty much reenacting that horrible scene in Sophie's Choice except instead of children it was a tray and earrings.

5. Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats

I am so into the smoking slippers and though these are kinda cutesy I adore them. Another awesome Alexa Chung look.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. LOVE anything Alexa Chung she so effortlessly cool. Ashley Olsen KIILED in the tuxedo emsemble but I do agree its easy to fall under "Vogue's Worst" with a tuxedo suit.