Sunday, December 16, 2012

I love Jordana Brewster's Style!

 I have always had an eye on Jordana Brewster. She debuted with one of those terrible teen horror films, The Faculty, and then she got swept up into the Fast and Furious franchise. I believe they are making Even More Faster And Furioser: Part 15 right now. So her film career is only half awesome but I do think she is one of the prettiest actresses out there. She is a cross between Ali McGraw and someone else really gorgeous.  But now she is on the new Dallas reboot, which is not half bad actually. It's like Revenge but with a lot more oil rigs.

Anyway she has awesome street style so let's check out some of her best looks.

Beautiful and simple

Color blocking!

Yellow is gorgeous with her skin tone

Polka dots!

Love this!

Love the collar!

In Stella McCartney

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